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Take this FREE weeklong programme to bring you back to your natural balance!

Each day you'll receive a video to your inbox.

Videos include powerful meditations, EFT tapping, journal prompts, breathwork, yoga sequences and more.

7 days back to balance

Consciously Create a Life You Love

day 1: 



Learn specific practices to cleanse and purify your living space, body, mind and energy.

day 2:



Bring your conscious awareness to your thoughts and feelings. Explore simple journaling and mood rating exercises.


day 3: 



Tap into the power of the breath to calm the mind and awaken the body, including 4-7-8 breath, chakra balancing and yoga flow.


What's Included:

day 4: 



Connect back to your centre and energy with this profound grounding and sourcing meditation.


day 5: 



We are infinitely abundant; today’s focus is on shifting our perspective to slow down and appreciate all that nature has to offer us.


day 6: 


Leading you through EFT tapping to release and

de-charge the power of overwhelming or negative emotions from the body.


day 7: 



Now it’s time to express and connect with that inner creative force, in joy, play and harmony!

Purify your energy

Empty your mind 

Tap into the breath

Re-connect to your power

Find deeper abundance

Release negative emotions

Step into creator mode


easy step by step videos

learn how to

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