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A little bit about Aimée

I was a very sensitive and curious little child – feeling and seeing spirit. But like so many of us, I shut it down early on and learnt that it was easier to disconnect than feel everything so deeply. Interpretations of some early life events led me to believe my worth lay in my external achievements and so I pursued a path of outward success. By the time my Saturn return came around at the age of thirty, outwardly things were gleaming – two masters, a dream corporate job, a beautiful apartment in Vancouver and a seemingly perfect relationship. But inside I was struggling. I hadn’t processed so many emotions, including the tragic and sudden loss of my brother aged twenty. I had an undiagnosed social anxiety disorder, C-PTSD and co-dependency. But I continued to push myself and work hard, thinking the solutions lay in external achievements. I continued to ignore the whispers from spirit to slow down, to feel and to heal…until bam, the whispers became a roar. My life got turned upside down as I broke up with partner, losing my apartment, job and financial independence in the process. It was a very rude awakening indeed and it plunged me into my first dark night of the Soul. From within this darkness of not knowing what to do next awoke a calling to pursue what lights me up. The past five years have been a exploration into holistic healing and spirituality as I began to let my Soul lead. Shedding deeper and deeper layers of conditioning and programming – of scarcity, lack, fear, not-enoughness and self-sabotage. Making space to embody more of my truth, more of my light – creating more freedom, peace, flow and joy in my life. This doesn’t mean it’s been all rainbows and butterflies! Each new level brings with it something else to learn from – but I can honestly say I live with more peace, trust, faith, gratitude, love and bliss in my heart than ever before. I’m learning to forgive the past, to love what is and ultimately learn to accept that I am enough as I am. Knowing all is unfolding right on time and that all my heart desires lies downstream, as I follow my inner alignment, to flow with ease and grace. I currently live in Turkey in a beautiful apartment that I manifest, with 180 views of the sea, along with my dog and cat. Last year I wrote a book and I’m currently embarking on my second. I’ve had the space to create, whilst also doing some deep inner healing. I’ve delved on a journey to get to know myself, my Soul and Spirit. My work is guided by and in devotion to the light of spirit.

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Human Design

3/5  Manifesting Generator

Sacral Authority


Scorpio Rising, Aries Sun & NN, Capricorn Moon


4/5 Individualist w/Loyalist

Myers Briggs


Tarot Main Acana

High Priestess

Life Path Number


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


How I work...

I like to support you from both a human and soul perspective (this is why I start each client with their Soul Plan Reading, basic Numerology and perhaps some Astrology and their Human Design).


I work as part coach and part intuitive healer to support your multi-dimensional transformation.


I draw on a wide variety of modalities and tools from my toolbox including:


  • Conscious Movement & Meditation (300 hours Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher)

  • Mindset Reprogramming (NLP Practitioner)

  • Energy Healing (Experiential Healing Practitioner)

  • Your Unique Design (Human Design Reader – via an expert consultant)

  • Soul Curriculum (Soul Plan Reader)

  • Archetypal and Parts Work (Soul Transformation Therapist)

  • Spiritual Guidance (Channel, Tarot Reader)

My Approach



  • 200hr Hatha Yoga // Swasti Yoga, Rishikesh, India

  • 50hr Yin Teacher Training // Hot Yoganic, UK

  • Breathwork course // Auroville, India

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 // Goa, India

  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass Scholar// Gabby Bernstein, NYC

  • Soul Plan Practitioner // Holistic Healing College

  • Soul Transformation Therapist // Holistic Healing College

  • Spiritual Life Coaching // Holistic Healing College

  • Experiential Healing Practitioner // The Sayer Institute

  • Prosperity Chakras & You Know Tarot // Jaqueline Khan

  • Human Design - Unveiling the Wisdom // Align Within

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