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Breakthrough your limits and live your Soul's purpose, power & joy

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Do you feel...

like you are stuck

In a relationship, job, place, or situation that just doesn't feel quite right for you! 

there must be more 

There are lots of things in your life that you're grateful for and yet, your dreams feel so much bigger than the 'little life' you're living.

something is missing

You’ve done so much to heal yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, but something still feels like it’s missing in your life.

Your dreams remain out of reach

Maybe you have a sense of what you wish you could do, but it somehow still seems out of your reach, possible for others but not for you.

you're trapped


It feels like you’re trapped, battling against that quite voice that whispers more is possible and what your practical brain says is and isn't possible.


You’ve got some big (unanswered) questions


You’ve been through a turbulent time (who hasn't in 2020 right!) and you're left asking some big questions about yourself and the world. 

you're being called to 'do the thing'


Your Soul is calling you to do 'that thing' and the desire for change or pain of staying where you are is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Do you want...

to get clarity and confidence about your purpose & mission

Confirmation from your Soul Plan about what you are here to do, be and impact. Maybe in who you are being or something you are here to create.

reclaim your true soul power

Unhook from whatever and whoever has been holding you back - those disabling fears of what others think and needing validation or understanding outside of yourself.

Get anchored in your truth

Come home to yourself by learning how to regulate and balance your inner world, building trust in your intuition and inner knowing.

activate your unique soul gifts


To start creating from your own unique genius, informed and empowered by the innate gifts and unique energies that you have available to you. Ready to be uncovered and activated. 

Let joy, ease and inspiration lead

Re-train yourself to 'feeling good first' becoming your norm. Learning to give yourself permission to follow your desire, passion easily.


establish transformative daily habits 


Rituals that will build self-trust, self-acceptance and self-love. Practices to support your energetic, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and stay aligned with your soul.

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+1:1 2hr Soul Plan Reading & Healing

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Starting 1st June

What people are saying...

"The breakthrough course was amazing!"


“It feels’s beyond freed, its beyond enlightened…it’s a real gentleness, it’s a softening, it’s a coming home and it just feels like I’ve stepped into me!I have truly broken through to who I ways always here to be."


"The course was truly life-changing!"


"Aimee you are amazing…pure magic in fact…thank you for your space holding, for holding my hand to go there, to really go there and embody all that I am feeling and to truly embrace the powerful being that I am. You have had such a huge impact on my life, HUGE and I’m so lucky to have met you. Pure, pure magic in so many ways ✨😇👼"



1:1 Soul Plan Reading/Healing



8 x live group coaching & healing calls 



8 x Breakthrough video Modules & worksheets 



Access to Breakthrough Academy



Unlimited FB Group Access



21 Day Unlock your inner artist Programme



66 Day Habit Tracker



trauma healing training


Total value = £6,593


(£1333 EARLY BIRD)


+8 OnlinE self-learning & inquiry



+1:1 2hr Soul Plan Reading & Healing

+ all breakthrough Academy Resources

Starting 1st June

Results & Benefits

  • Leave this program knowing who you are truly are and who you're here to be

  • Re-connect to your higher self, soul and innate gifts and wisdom

  • Open up your spiritual abilities

  • Crash through long-held barriers

  • Create your own spiritual toolbox

  • Learn how to heal yourself and come back into balance

  • More confidence & self-awareness

  • Stronger energetic boundaries & personal power

  • A clear vision of your future & unlocked spiritual abilities

  • Busted limited beliefs & learnings from past challenges

  • Strong daily rituals to keep you balanced & aligned

  • Deepened self-acceptance & self-love

  • Re-connection to your Soul's purpose & power

  • Doing what lights you up - your joy and passion

  • A plan to co-create a life you love with the universe

The Course Structure...

Week 1

conscious intention 


Acknowledging where you're at, what you're struggling with and where you want to get to.

Week 2

soul plan & self awareness


Tools to build self-knowledge and healing practices to enable forgiveness, more self-love and re-writing of internal dialogues. 


Week 3

empowerment rituals


Building new practices that serve you, helping you maintain your energy, balance, and happiness. Daily practices to start & end your day with. 


Week 4

integration work


Reflect, integrate and enjoy the healing vault. Refine your daily rituals so you can move for within your own energetic container.

Week 6

quantum shift

An incredible week where you will re-connect with your own true power and inner light. Connect to your higher self and inner-parts.


Week 6

shine bright


Deep dive to explore what lights you up and what you want to create with the universe! Allowing yourself to be led.

Week 7

conscious creation

Choose one breakthrough project that lights you up and learn a process to ensure you complete it with joy and ease!


Week 8


Reviewing and revisiting the learnings from the course and delving deeper into your embodiment of these profound practices and learnings.

Bonus 1

habit tracker

An accountability tracker that your coach, Aimee, will monitoring each week to ensure you build habits successfully.

Bonus 2

unlock your inner artist programme

Re-build your relationship with your inner child and artist! 21-day programme.

Bonus 3

breakthrough academy access

FREE EXCLUSIVE 3months access to the Breakthrough Academy!

Bonus 4

trauma healing

Trauma-informed healing to allow you to navigate and build capacity on a physiological level as you uplevel!

Be part of a community with shared values

AWAKENING:to your truth, power and capability.

conscious:a community of people, ready to make a change, just like you


EMPOWERMENT:busting through blocks that are holding you back from your true inner power.


HEALING:shared practices, borrowed benefits and joint learnings

SUPPORT:rituals and habits to keep you balanced, happy & aligned

CLARITY:clarity of your Soul's purpose & plan to understand your challenges & talents better. 

More about Soul Plan Readings

“It’s amazing the depth she was able to capture who I am and shed a light on where I am going, as well as my skills and my abilities in the world.”



“One of the most important conversations that I think I’ve ever had with someone who is so full of awareness, heart and insight and connection. It was just the best thing in the world…I couldn’t recommend it anymore highly.”


I recently had a Soul Plan reading with Aimee. I just wanted to tell you how incredibly amazing it is and how much I recommend them. They are so insightful and give so much clarity.

Aimee is amazing at explaining it all makes sense and doesn’t seem overwhelming but it in fact just helps you understand what you can do in the future to bring alignment into all aspects of your life. Whether that be in a more spiritual or in a more worldly and practical sense.

She’s just incredible in creating that unity and understanding for you as an individual.


We'll solve these problems together:

  • How to deal with & learn from your emotions.

  • How to trust yourself & connect to your intuition.

  • How to find your voice & set healthy boundaries.

  • Understand yourself better & feel more fulfilled.

  • Drop the need for approval & release the fear of judgement.

  • Build faith that the universe has your back.

  • Identify and follow through on projects that light you up! 


“This course is truly life-changing,


Aimee is so gentle and insightful, guiding me through all of the blocks and challenges as well as the learnings each week. The modules cover such an incredible range, and are all incredibly valuable whatever you are going through. I felt so supported and safe to delve into those areas of myself that I have left ignored or hidden for so long.


Everything from the soul plan reading to the weekly calls had such incredible value and I don't think there is an area of my life that hasn't changed for the positive because of if. I would truly recommend this course to anyone feeling a little lost, or that there must be more to their world, develop more of an understanding of their purpose or even just that they want to add a little more beauty, love, happiness and to their world. Thank you Aimee!”


“The breakthrough course was amazing!


Each module has been perfectly designed. The weekly calls help to process what we worked on in the week. I feel happier after completing the programme. The soul plan reading helped me understand the challenges I have had in my life and how to overcome the ones still present. How I can heal them to reach my soul’s purpose. I finished the course with a clearer sense of what I want to do in the future.


I’d recommend this programme to anybody that feels they want to improve any area of their life. The modules cover everything that helps you improve yourself (which in turn improves relationships, work, family) and creates a deeper understanding of why you are here and where you are meant to be. The programme helps you create healthy habits - these things that make you happier will also enable change in other areas of life.


Thank you!”



“it feels like coming home to myself."


“It feels’s beyond freed, its beyond enlightened…it’s a real gentleness, it’s a softening, it’s a coming home and it just feels like I’ve stepped into me!


  • Supercharge your energy!

  • Release limiting beliefs & blocks

  • Get clarity & confidence

  • Find more flow & joy

  • Connect to your playful self

  • Calm your busy mind

  • Move into your heart

  • Start living your Soul's purpose and power?

  • Feel joy and a whole new level of fulfillment?

  • Feel excited and inspired about what's possible?

  • Release your fears & need for approval

  • Reclaim your power

  • Set boundaries & be there for yourself

  • Connect to your inner artist & creative self



Join now


(£1333 EARLY BIRD)


+8 OnlinE self-learning & inquiry



+1:1 2hr Soul Plan Reading & Healing

+ all breakthrough Academy Resources

Are you ready to:

  • To be unapologetically yourself

  • To recognise the colossal power and talents I have within you

  • Live life on your terms, your time and according to your values

  • To feel aligned with your Soul’s purpose and in joy following your passion

  • To feel connected to a deep well of wisdom

  • To open up and own your spiritual abilities 

  • To know yourself more deeply - your strengths, my weaknesses & triggers

  • To know what you need to do in order to stay balanced and grounded

  • To respond from a centred place, much more of the time rather than reacting

  • Strengthen your boundaries, capacity for love and improve your relationships as a result

  • To build more love for your whole self – the light and the dark

  • To become increasingly magnetic to abundance, opportunities and miracles

  • To no longer have to wear a mask, pretend, be what others need, hustle or over give in order to  succeed

  • To FLOW rather than FORCE - following what truly lights you up, empowered to consciously create a life you love!

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"This course will catapult you towards the biggest breakthrough of your life!"