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I'm so honoured and thrilled that you're joining us for 
Breakthrough: The Catalyst, An Eight Week Intensive Programme!
Breakthrough is designed specifically for beautiful people like yourself, ready to upgrade and up-level and to become happier, healthier, more joyful, fulfilled and empowered.

This is the time for you to
BREAKTHROUGH to that next stage 
The road ahead will be exciting, awakening and perhaps challenging at times, but overall, it will bring deep, profound and lasting change.

Acknowledge yourself 

Please take one big, deep, slow INHALE, all the way down into your heart and gut. Hold. And then release that EXHALE through your mouth. Place your hand on your heart and take the next few moments to really honour this INCREDIBLE conscious step that you’ve taken. For investing in yourself - your growth and happiness. For making the choice and acting on it. It is a critical first step, as you've told the universe “I’m in, I’m ready, let’s do this!” 


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