My Approach

I help you create sacred rituals and beneficial habits to live more consciously and aligned. 

I facilitate and hold space for you to re-connect to your highest self.

I enable healing where we deal with the root cause of your problems, involving inner child work, parts work, shadow work and energy healing.

My focus is to re-empower you so you become your own source of wisdom and validation. I hold a deep reverence and acceptance for the uniqueness of every person, their own evolution and calling.

I help you re-connect to what lights you up, enabling to live a life of freedom, joy and fulfilment. Compassion, empathy and attention underlie everything I do.



“When I first started working with Aimee my intention had been to identify the bad habits I thought were holding me back from promotion at work. Little did I realise the breadth and depth of impact across all areas of my life that these sessions would have!

 Aimee is a fantastic life coach, with a positive and empowering nature. Our sessions have challenged, reflected and inspired my thought processes, helping me to uncover solutions, focus my mind and efforts into more constructive and effective ways and feel more confident in myself. The positive changes this has brought about are evident already.”


"The amount of effort you put into working with me and the value you bring has been huge" 


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Photography by @elizabethstreeter