what we do

"Unless we clear the toxicity in our own hearts and inspire others to do the same then the pollutants of envy, greed, arrogance - and so many other illusions - we're going to continue to be an instrument to polluting the environment"


Radhanath Swami

eco-luxe beauty products 


So, we began creating eco-luxe beauty products that actually met our standards of zero palm oil, plastic free, vegan, all natural, no toxic chemicals or synthetics, suitable for sensitive skin and essential oil based. We are also collaborating with brands that espouse these values in alternative values which will be available soon on our Conscious Consumer Collective.





I practice and teach the full yogi approach to life, including the eight limbs such as asana, the ethics (Yamas and Niyamas), breathwork and meditation. 





I've spent the last 18 months developing coaching material to enable you to live with greater awareness, ease and balance. A collection of tools, life-hacks and information to cut through the noise and allow you to live more aligned, conscious and connected. All launching very soon!



nutritional & holistic healing 


Our team includes an expert nutritional therapist, practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology and massage, and plant-based goirmet chefs. We aim to offer holistic healing catered to the unique needs and desires of our guests and clients during our workshops, long weekends and retreats.



What CAN we offer YOU?


One-to-one and group yoga, conscious life coaching, healing services, eco-products and maker's workshops, Women's UK Nurture weekends and Re-balance retreats in Turkey.


  • Our material combines eastern yogic science, Tao & Buddhist principles, Ayurvedic science and relaxation techniques as well as western Jungian psychology, neuroscience, chronobiology, deep ecology, quantum physics and behavioural science.

  • We use simple "life-hack" tools and proven scientific methods to make it easier to live in balance, alignment and harmony in yourself and with the world.

  • We help you build personalised rituals, practices and techniques towards living consciously.

  • We hold space for you to re-connect to your highest self.

  • We empower you to do what lights you up, regaining your own power and sense of responsibility.

  • We hold a deep reverence and acceptance for the uniqueness of every person, their own evolution and calling.

  • Compassion, empathy and attention underly everything we do.


If you're interested in exploring how we can work together, email us to schedule a free 30minute consultation.