An eight-week intensive programme

Ready to breakthrough into a new happier, healthier more fulfilled version of you?

Take your joy, vitality and power back!


Is this true for you?

  • Are you going through a period of transition - maybe it’s a break-up or moving jobs?

  • Do you want to feel like your true happy, enthusiastic self again?

  • Do you want to get you joy, vitality and power back?

  • Are you being called by a deep feeling that you need to do what's right for you?

  • Are you fed-up of how you've been feeling and you're ready to make changes?

  • Do you want to turn this situation into a breakthrough to become your true self, finally?!

  • Are you ready to establish a new routine, habits and rituals that better serve you?

  • Are you feeling called to do what lights you up and step away from everything that isn't in alignment with that?


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The Course includes...

  • A 1:1 Soul Plan, Psychic Reading & Healing with Aimee (value £555)

  • 8 weekly modules with over 30 daily step-by-step videos, meditations & playsheets (value £750)

  • Weekly group coaching calls inc. card readings, healings, guided meditations & group support (value £650)

  • A healing vault with numerous meditations, resources & tools (value £350)

  • Access to a private Facebook community of fellow Breakthroughers.


  • A 60-day habit changer accountability process (value £55)

  • A 21 day "Unlock your Inner Artist" Programme (value £75)

  • For the first ten people that sign-up - a free 1:1 coaching & healing session (£200)

Total value = £2,635

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The first ten people to book will receive a FREE 1:1 coaching & healing session with Aimee

what people are saying

"​Aimee was amazing at ensuring that everything was totally applicable to what both of us on the course were going through whilst also opening my eyes/mind up to so many other things”


“I couldn't recommend it enough. It was particularly helpful given that I had just gone through a breakup however I really do believe that it would be useful for anyone - there is so much to learn during every module, and although everyone has different experiences, the benefits of slowing down and learning to understand you past as well as mapping out your future and are huge.”


What you'll get:

  • More confidence & self-awareness

  • Stronger energetic boundaries & personal power

  • A clear vision of your future & unlocked spiritual abilities

  • Busted limited beliefs & learnings from past challenges

  • Strong daily rituals to keep you balanced & aligned

  • Deepened self-acceptance & self-love

  • Re-connection to your Soul's purpose & power

  • Doing what lights you up - your joy and passion

  • A plan to co-create a life you love with the universe


  • Your Soul Plan chart, reading, recording & channelled message

  • Personalised healing therapies and processes


The Course Structure...


intention setting


Acknowledging where you're at, what you're struggling with and where you want to get to.




Tools to build self-knowledge and healing practices to enable forgiveness, more self-love and re-writing of internal dialogues. 



daily rituals


Building new sacred rituals that serve you, helping you maintain your energy, balance and happiness. Daily practices to start & end your day with. 





Reflect, integrate and enjoy the healing vault. Refine your daily rituals so you can move for within your own energetic container.




An incredible week where you will re-connect with your own true power and inner light. Connect to your higher self and inner-parts.





Deep dive to explore what lights you up and what you want to create with the universe! Allowing yourself to be led.




Choose one breakthrough project that lights you up and learn a process to ensure you complete it with joy and ease!




Reviewing and revisiting the learnings from the course and delving deeper into your reconnection. A chance to practice channelling.



An accountability tracker that your coach, Aimee, will monitoring each week to ensure you build habits successfully


inner ARTIST

Re-build your relationship with your inner child and artist! 21-day programme.


You'll get:

  • AWAKENING – to your truth, power and capability.

  • COMMUNITY – a community of people, ready to make a change, just like you!

  • EMPOWERMENT – busting through blocks that are holding you back from your true inner power.

  • HEALING - access to numerous videos and practices.

  • SUPPORT - rituals and habits to keep you balanced, happy & aligned.

  • CLARITY - clarity of your Soul's Purpose & Plan to understand your challenges & talents better. 


Want to know more about thE 

Soul Plan Reading?


“It’s amazing the depth she was able to capture who I am and shed a light on where I am going, as well as my skills and my abilities in the world.”

Brenda St.Louis 

“One of the most important conversations that I think I’ve ever had with someone who is so full of awareness, heart and insight and connection. It was just the best thing in the world…I couldn’t recommend it anymore highly.”

- Nicky

“Before this, I was struggling through a really tough time – questioning why am I here, what’s my purpose and what am I here to do. Now, having gone through the Soul Plan reading and Healing session I’m left feeling calm, at peace and with a deeper understanding. Such a beautiful experience, that admittedly brought me to tears multiple times with the truths that were shown to me. I couldn’t recommend this more. Thank you Aimee.”

- Pippa


We'll solve these problems together:

How to deal with & learn from your emotions.

How to trust yourself & connect to your intuition.

How to find your voice & set healthy boundaries.

Understand yourself better & feel more fulfilled.

Drop the need for approval & release the fear of judgement.

Build faith that the universe has your back.

Identify and follow through on projects that light you up! 



“This course is truly life- changing. Aimee is so gentle and insightful, guiding me through all of the blocks and challenges as well as the learnings each week. The modules cover such an incredible range, and are all incredibly valuable whatever you are going through. I felt so supported and safe to delve into those areas of myself that I have left ignored or hidden for so long.


Everything from the soul plan reading to the weekly calls had such incredible value and I don't think there is an area of my life that hasn't changed for the positive because of if. I would truly recommend this course to anyone feeling a little lost, or that there must be more to their world, develop more of an understanding of their purpose or even just that they want to add a little more beauty, love, happiness and to their world. Thank you Aimee!”


“The breakthrough course was amazing! Each module has been perfectly designed. The weekly calls help to process what we worked on in the week. I feel happier after completing the programme. The soul plan reading helped me understand the challenges I have had in my life and how to overcome the ones still present. How I can heal them to reach my soul’s purpose. I finished the course with a clearer sense of what I want to do in the future.


I’d recommend this programme to anybody that feels they want to improve any area of their life. The modules cover everything that helps you improve yourself (which in turn improves relationships, work, family) and creates a deeper understanding of why you are here and where you are meant to be. The programme helps you create healthy habits - these things that make you happier will also enable change in other areas of life.


Thank you!”


  • Increase your energy levels

  • Release blocks & heal wounds

  • Realise how loveable you are

  • Find more flow & joy

  • Connect to your playful self

  • Calm your busy mind

  • Move into your heart

  • Feel happier and more fulfilled

  • Feel inspired again

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Release your fears & need for approval

  • Connect to your power again

  • Learn to have your own back

  • Connect to your inner creative




Join waitlist now!

Join the waitlist to have early access to bonuses and the special discount price before the doors officially open on 27th July 

The first ten people to book will receive a FREE 1:1 coaching & healing session 



For the first 10 people who join

An additional one-to-one healing and coaching session

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"May this course catapult you towards the biggest breakthrough of your life!"