SOUL PLAN reading & healing


Reading, Healing & Transformation

Access the blueprint of your incarnation here on earth for this lifetime. It offers an explanation of:


  • Your life in terms of the challenges you are or have faced.

  • The talents and capabilities, latent or manifest within you to overcome these challenges.

  • Your deepest goals in an everyday and spiritual sense.

Consciously Create a Life You Love

what does a soul reading plan include?

Two sessions

+ the chart, full written report and zoom recordings


The first session (1.5-2hrs)

  • Soul Plan reading

  • Personalised healing affirmations, therapies or remedies

  • Channelled message & psychic reading

  • Clarity on your Soul's Purpose, talents and challenges

  • Your Soul's message

  • Soul Plan healing 


You will receive your Soul Plan chart, a full written 8-10 page report and zoom recording

The second session(1-1.5hrs)

  • A follow-up Soul coaching and Soul transformation therapy session

What will you gain?

  • Purpose: a greater and clearer sense of life purpose.

  • The context for challenges: a context for understanding why you have experienced the life you have thus far.

  • A deeper connection to your soul: access to yourself on a deeper level, a soul level.

  • Healing & growth: acceleration of growth and healing journey.

  • A reason why: a deeper sense of understanding about your life experience so far.

  • Clarity: more clarity about life and your role in it.

  • Clearing: healing and clearing of redundant patterns.

  • Activation: a deep activation of your own unique abilities and potential.

+ practical guidance on:

  • How to overcome your challenges/obstacles

  • How to best use your talents

  • How to achieve your goals

"It's blown my mind"

"I was one of the most important conversations I've ever had"


Genuinely one of the most important conversations I’ve had in all my life! It was worth every singly penny.


If you believe you are here for a reason and a purpose…and you hope that you know what it is and you think that you know what it is, but actually, when you do this reading with Aimee, it confirms it with such detail - it’s like a cheat sheet for your life. The stuff she is able to tell you about really why you are here, why you’re living this life, why you’re doing what you’re doing, what your business is about…is proper 'blow your mind' stuff!


I think I probably cried about five times, during the reading and it wasn’t tears of sadness, it was properly tears of joy. Like “oh my God, yes I’ve suspected that, but to hear it you reflect it back to me is amazing.” And it’s really specific, so when she does the Soul Plan reading, she will talk about how “these are your worldly challenges, talent and goals and these are your spiritual challenges, talents and goals.” And it's just bang on! It gave me goosebumps & I’ve had goosebumps all week since we did it.


It’s blown my mind! If you want to connect to your purpose and what your meaning is for your life, if you want to have that reflected back to you, because maybe you need a bit of external reinforcement, for someone to say “you’re so on the right track” then it is going to be perfect for you…


You go at it from “I wanted to incarnate at this particular time in the world and if you are getting to grip with soul’s purpose and calling and that sort of thing, then the Soul Plan Reading and Healing is just amazing. It tells you what your colossal power within you and then helps you to really pull it out and get it on the table and own it.


I just thought it was the best thing in the world and I learnt so much about myself that I had suspected or felt, but the real power of it being reflected back to you by someone who is trained in doing all this stuff is just phenomenal.


So I now know and I am clearer on exactly what I should be doing, how I’m doing it and exactly why I’m doing it and what I need to let go of to enable me to go at it full throttle. And I also now know what the ‘watchouts’, so the things I need to do to protect myself to make the biggest impact that I can, without ruining myself!


I wanted to say, for anyone who fancies it…and your ears prick up like mine did, then you won’t regret it. I could cry telling you – it was one of the most important conversations I’ve ever had with someone that is full of awareness and heart and love and care and insight and connection. It was just the best thing in the world…I hope I’ve done it justice because I literally couldn’t recommend it any more highly.


And if you feel like you need it reflected back to you – if you think you know what you’re meant to be doing, but you need someone to hold a mirror up to give you a bit more information, then this is for you!


Massive, massive thank you to Aimee! It was wonderful and I am still tingling and I still have goosebumps and I still feel properly emotional but it was amazing, so thank you!!

 - Nix

"It's like a cheat sheet for your life"

"It tells you what your colossal power is within you"

"I couldn't recommend it any more highly"

"I still have goosebumps"

“It’s amazing the depth she was able to capture who I am and shed a light on where I am going, as well as my skills and my abilities in the world.”

“Before this, I was struggling through a really tough time – questioning why am I here, what’s my purpose and what am I here to do. Now, having gone through the Soul Plan reading and Healing session I’m left feeling calm, at peace and with a deeper understanding. Such a beautiful experience, that admittedly brought me to tears multiple times with the truths that were shown to me. I couldn’t recommend this more. Thank you Aimee.”

- Pippa

- Brenda St.Louis 

My personal experience:

The reason I answered the call to train as a practitioner to be able to offer these transformative readings was that my own experience was so profound, healing and beautiful.


It helped me make sense of why I needed to go through the challenges I had done already in my life and helped me realise how far I'd come already.

It confirmed my inner knowing of what I was here to learn, embody and achieve - what my unique expression looked like and how I could best be of service.

It’s given me permission to re-connect to the truth of my Soul’s purpose and calling. Moving me from “who am I to think I can do this” to “who am I to not think I can do this?”

  • I have found it to be a profoundly healing, empowering and moving experience.

  • The most beautiful part was to be reconnected with and feel my Soul’s energy more deeply move through me and it initiated a journey of self-love.

  • Receiving my Soul’s message made me cry and it still has a profoundly healing effect each time I revisit it!


  • Please send your full name as it appears on your birth certificate to

  • Please note this is deep and transformative healing for those that are ready.

  • Payment via paypal link below is required to confirm the reading.