The Eco-luxe story
"Care for the world whilst caring for yourself"

Once upon a time in a little village in Cheshire there was an incredibly senstive vegan girl who was trying to give up single use plastics. Try as she might she could not find something that suited her needs! Everything was either sold in plastic, contained  sythentics and chemicals or wasn't vegan. After months of searching she decided to use her background in Chemistry and set out to create the effective yet entirely natural vegan beauty products that we know and love today...


In all seriousness now, we first started creating these products because we couldn’t find any beauty products that matched our vegan, ‘no plastic’ way of life that actually worked with our super sensitive skin, so we started making our own back in 2015, and have been tweaking the formulations with some incredible results since then (admittedly with a few less than perfect attempts in the beginning - one dining table did not make it). 

After years of perfecting the formulas and many recipes tried and tested with incredible feedback, we have now decided to share our handmade more widely through our values-driven conscious venture: The Beloved Company.

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our ethos

We believe it should be simple and easy to care for the world whilst caring for yourself. There should be no compromise on the luxuious quality of the self care products you use, and no harm to the already delicate world around us.


Utilising our backgrounds in sustainable products and chemistry, we adhere to the highest standards in our ingredients and packaging. Our items are perfect for consumers who want to use natural products consciously, caring for the world whilst caring for themselves. 


The range being sustainable, without harm and waste was at the heart of everything we do so we promise that our products and ingredients are vegan, zero-plastic, no waste, no synthetics, essential oil-based, natural products, no palm oil, suitable for sensitive skin, without toxic chemicals like SLS or parabens.