Ever rolled your eyes when you hear a motivational speaker say “become limitless” or “imagine if nothing held you back”?


Perhaps you feel like you’re exhausted from trying so many different methods to achieve your goals. But despite trying your best you always fall back into your old habits and self-sabotaging patterns or somehow get stuck, blocked or tripped up time and time again...

Do not fear! You have not failed or done anything wrong. In fact, this is to be expected, because often these habits and patterns are being driven by what is lies in the subconscious.


Until we clear these issues across the levels of the mind, heart and get the lesson, from the Soul's perpective, it will keep repeating.


It’s like trying to run up a hill tied to someone bigger and heavier than you is running the opposite direction.

Imagine if that person was pushing you up instead. This is what happens when we integrate these unconscious aspects.

This healing process goes directly into the subconscious and clears the energy blocks at the root whilst learning the wisdom they have to offer. 

This enables issues that have stood in your way for as long as you can remember, can be cleared in sometimes just one session!

I work using blended hynomeditative techniques that can work across dimensions, timelines, past lives, childhood memories, the trauma body and sometimes even future lives.

what does healing

& soul THERAPY


  • 60-90 min Soul hypno-meditative healing + integration counselling (Zoom call)

  • Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual release

  • Integration and grounding homework

  • Book one off or block of six 

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