Mandala Prints 

"My mandalas were cryptograms concerning the state of self which was presented to me anew each day"

Carl G. Jung

Hi my loves,


I am so excited to share these prints of my mandalas with you. Here's the back story behind how this form of creative expression came into my life. I turned to mandalas last year when everything in my life had gone tits up and I found myself asking "what do I love to do?" with one of the answers being "drawing."


It had been years since I picked up a pencil and I felt intimidated by the notion of jumping back into trying to sketch portraits after years without practice. (The notion of doing something badly is never appealing to a type A character). Then I saw on my Pinterest feed a beautiful mandala which sparked a little lightbulb moment in my mind - maybe I could draw these instead. It can't be so hard. I was also intrigued by the symbolic meaning of mandalas and had an inkling that there was some spiritual and psychological dimension to them. I wasn't wrong - famous psychologist Carl Jung describes the mandala as the "psychological expression of the totality of the self" and in Tibetan Buddhism, the mandala is a "symbolic offering of the entire universe". 


The reason I initially drew mandalas was for the same reason I write - to bring form to my thoughts and feelings and to better understand myself.


Fast-forward a month and I had drawn a collection of 20 mandalas for my close family and friends. I decided to give them as Christmas presents and I had them printed. They were then hand-framed by a beautiful man I know in Turkey.


I realised that what I enjoy most about mandalas, is drawing them for people. I focus on an image or memory of the person I am drawing for and also myself to be present and feel their energy. This then inspires whatever gets drawn through my pen. It isn't pre-planned. Drawing mandalas for the beloveds in my life has become a beautiful practice of presence and flow that I really love.


So here we are and I'm about 50 mandalas into my growing collection. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you here. Click on an image and you can see the myriad of printing options on everything from cushion covers to wall prints.


In addition to these pre-drawn prints, I offer personalised energy reading mandalas. These make a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love and are a true celebration of our interconnectedness. Send me an email now to find out more about these one-off drawings.


Created with love and joy.



Aimee x