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My Approach

Conscious Life Coaching

I hold space for you to re-connect to your highest potential, goals and dreams. We then create daily rituals and solid plans to help you achieve your goals, from a place of alignment, inspiration and joy!

I hold a deep reverence and acceptance for the uniqueness of every person, their own evolution and calling.

I help you re-connect to what lights you up, enabling to live a life of freedom, empowerment and fulfilment. Compassion, empathy and attention underlie everything I do.

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soul plan reading


Connect to your Soul's complete blueprint for this incarnation, enabling activation, acceleration and healing.


A full reading of your worldly and spiritual challenges, talents and goals in this lifetime, as well as your Soul's message.

Leave with your chart and full report, a recording of the session and personalised therapies, healings and affirmations.

Listen to that calling, that nudge that tells you there is more to life than this, that you were meant for greater things than this...this reading will give you answers, affirming what you already know somewhere deep inside.

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soul therapy


This core issue healing goes straight to the root of your specific issue, block or challenge. We heal it across the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, for lasting change.

This is deep, sustainable and transformational therapy is for those ready to take it to the next level in their lives and businesses.

Available as a one-off session for a specific issue or as a profound transformational package of 5 or 10 sessions.

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