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My Approach

conscious life coaching

I hold space for you to re-connect to your highest potential, goals and dreams.


You'll create the daily rituals and strategic plans to help you achieve your goals, from a place of renewed balance, confidence and inspiration.

We bring new awareness to what has been blocking you from being and doing what you most desire.

I am your accountability, cheerleader, coach, intuitive guide, healer and counsellor rolled into one.

I can see the potential in you and I want to help you realise it.

I hold an unwavering belief in what's possible, kindness and awareness underlie how I support you.

Life Alchemy Package

9 x fortnightly sessions

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soul plan reading


Connect to your Soul's complete blueprint for this incarnation, enabling activation, acceleration and healing.


A full reading of your worldly and spiritual challenges, talents and goals in this lifetime, as well as your Soul's message.

Leave with your chart and full report, a recording of the session and personalised therapies, healings and affirmations.

Like receiving the cheatsheet for your life.


You Soul Plan reading will give you the answers your looking for and affirming what you already know somewhere deep inside.


2 hour reading, healing, full report and chart

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healing & soul Therapy


This healing process takes us to the root of your specific issue, block or challenge. You will heal it across the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, for lasting change.

You will learn the wisdom of why you went through these experiences.

This is deep, sustainable and transformational therapy is for those ready to overcome stuckness or frustration in any area of their life, love or business.

deep dive package

3 Sessions within one month

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