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SouLPRENEUR strategists
Let your Soul fast-track your life and business!


For Savvy Women wanting to AMPLIFY their Soul’s Power, Play and Prosperity 💸

A powerful energy vortex to supercharge our co-creations 🌀

Support between heart-centred women in a space for us to receive ❤️

Where we let the soul-inspired feminine creatrix lead ✨

Staying aligned and accountable as we deliver 💎

A place of inspiration, celebration and Joy ☀️

Doing less and achieving more 💫



Are you Ready to:


Uplevel and fast-track your soul-led business and life?

  • Let your soul lead

  • Allow it to be easy and fun!

  • Streamline the process

  • Have heart-led support

  • Be held accountable

  • Amplify your creative power to do less and achieve more!

  • Consciously create 

  • Keep healing 


The container will include:

a Monthly expert interview & Q&A

by leading women



  1. Self-acceptance & Nutrition - Florence Bell Wellness

  2. Womb Wisdom & Awakening - Rebecca Wilson, Womb Connection Healing & Awakening 

  3. Soul Clarity & Empowerment - Kia Aileen, Soul Clarity Coach

  4. Money & Prosperity - Brenda St. Louis, Finacial Therapist & Money Coach

  5. Self-love & Inner Mothering - Louise Eldridge, 

  6. Ascension & Intuition - Yasmin Ibrahim, Spiritual Mentor, Channel and Intuitive Guide

Fortnightly Soul-led strategy zoom calls

Birth your Soul-inspired ideas

Strategy testing, sound-boarding and brainstorming for best path to deliver into the world


+ accountability buddies (pairing)


(similar to this challenge)


To support balance, soul-alignment, healing and amplification of your gifts!


  1. Inner self-healing techniques

  2. Foundational meditation and breathwork practices

  3. How to work with angels

  4. Vibrational medicine and alignment work

  5. Soulful coaching methods

  6. Activating intuitive and spiritual gifts

  7. Bonuses: Navigating ascension & soul lessons

£1888 for 6 months   or  6 monthly  payments

pay in full                     £333 

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