Hi my loves,


Are you ready to be loud and proud about your choices as a consumer? 


Are you sick of feeling like you don't have a choice in buying single-use plastic as part of your daily routine? 


I have just the solution you are looking for. Celebrate your power as a consumer today by making choices you can stand behind and feel proud of every day!


Purchase your very own reusable, sustainable stainless steel water-bottle and straw now and use them every day from now on. In adding these items to your backpack/handbag essentials you are instantly eradicating plastic straws and water bottles out your life for good. If that was one bottle or straw a day for the next 60 years, you could be saving the planet and our oceans 21,900 plastic bottles and straws. Food for thought - not for the fishes!


Thank you for being the change you want to see in the world.


Brought to you with love.