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10 Ways to Uplevel Your Vibe

…for quantum leaps in your life and business

If you’re following me over on the gram (if you’re not, come and join us @aimee_beloved_company), you’ll see that we’re ten days into 28 days of The Uplevel Vibe where each day I’m sharing inspiration, lessons, tips and spiritual lifehacks.

Are you ready to uplevel your vibe and create more of what your heart and soul is yearning for and making quantum leaps in your life and business?

I thought so! -

So here is a little round up of the first ten days lessons to share with you. I’d love to know how you get on with them - hit reply and share your experience with me

Alright, off we go:

Tip 1. Dream Bigger

Your Soul's Plan is WAAAYYYY bigger than you are allowing yourself to imagine, desire or believe is possible! I see this so often...clients getting all sticky and contracted and confused because they are scraping the barrel of a goal or dream that is far too small for them. Operating from this place of control (having to know the how) and lack (panicking there isn't enough for them) is like trying to walk in shoes too small for you! Take those puppy's off and find that perfect glass slipper - the dream that your soul is waiting for you to claim! Hint: *it feels wildly EXPANSIVE *it feels like FREEDOM *it feels audacious and cheeky to CLAIM IT!! And I know, I know...I can already hear your inner critic and old limiting beliefs start to surface as you lean into that big vision. Those voices are saying something like: - Who am I have/do/be that (Rewrite: who are you NOT to!!) - I don't know how (Rewrite: you don't have to know the how, that's the universe's job to reveal the path step by step to you & pull out the miracles) - I'm not ready (Rewrite: no one ever is, the growth is the journey) - I might fuck up (Rewrite: I’ve prepared to fail forward and fail fast, it's all part of the beautiful process—you win some and you learn some) Beauty, this year is one of expansion. I want you to step into your soul's true power and purpose and claim what you came here for!

Tip 2. Work with the Law of Attraction

Feeling thoughts that help you anchor into what you are wanting to attract, helps you become magnetic. Thoughts like:

"I do not chase, I attract"

“I am creating a life of love and abundance"

"Everything I need is within me"

"I am always guided towards my purpose"

"I claim my power"

Find affirmations that feel good in your body. Let them sink down into your heart. Breathe them in, feel their magic! Everything is an inside job, it's all a choice. Once we feel and believe it on the inside we start to see it reflected back to us on the outside! Freedom is a vibe Abundance is a vibe Love is a vibe Faith is a vibe So choose your vibe today and see life start to catch up and reflect it back to you. It has no choice. You are that powerful! You gorgeous conscious co-creator!

Tip 3. Follow what lights you up

"The things that excite you are not random, they are connected to your purpose, so follow them!" Follow your joy. Follow your bliss. Follow the things that light you up. That's you living your purpose—being so lit up you shine bright for others.

Tip 4. Be the love

"What's love got to do with it...with creating a life you love and business that fulfills you? Turns out: EVERYTHING. The new wave of leadership is leading from the heart. We're remembering we came to be the love that we are. We've realised our greatest power and protection is to be anchored into this love, because we know behind it all only love is real. We know we came here to shift global consciousness, by dropping down from head and back into our hearts. In each moment we can come back to love, by saying thank you. In each moment we can gift ourselves this love that we have in unlimited supply. Because, when we show up as love everything shifts. So feel the love. As the wonderful a wonderful teacher reminded me last night, "- isn't it silly that it takes courage to be more loving, when love is truly who and what we are?" I wholeheartedly agree! So go share that love beauties.

Tip 5. Anchor into loving boundaries

Being in your heart still means you can: - Be discerning AF - Choose to love from a distance - Tend to loving yourself first - Speak your truth - Not need to persuade anyone else - Have healthy boundaries - Not like people's behaviour (and yet still send them love)

In fact, I would argue that the above are essential to ensure you can stay anchored in love whilst protecting your most precious resource—your energy.

Tip 6. Care more about what you think of yourself

"Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?" One thing that has brought me so much more joy, peace and freedom is letting go of what others think about me. Sure, of course I still care, but now the most important opinion in my life is my own! When we learn that how other people think about you is more a reflection of themselves and has less to do with you, we can relax. You can't control what others think of you (trying to through people pleasing is a form of covert manipulation), so just let it go! And ask yourself, "what do I think about myself?" Because your opinion is truly the only one that should matter. (Don't be a d**k about it obvs—do no harm—but also, free yourself to be truly, uniquely, authentically YOU!)

Tip 7. Ramp up your self-love game

We've all heard about the importance of self-love. But are you practising it? As you grow in awareness—beginning to see your own patterns, witnessing how the ego operates, feeling the pain of the lower wounded aspects of self, whilst touching on the expansion and grace of the higher self—it comes with an invitation. To accept all that we find. To love it all as we would an innocent child. To ensure that we tend to our inner world and self first. This is how we play the abundance game, filling ourselves up first, with the love that we are and then sharing from the overflow!

This could look like:

- Silent meditation - Sound healing - Yin yoga - Journal on all the things you love about yourself - Walks in nature - Treating yourself to what your inner child loves - Time with loved ones and pets - Cooking healthy food What would happen if you carved out some space and time to gift yourself the love you so deserve? After all, you’re made of love. There is an infinite wellspring within you ready for you to tap into! And the more we can love ourselves, the more the universe can mirror that love back to us, showering us with more love, miracles and abundance. It all starts with you. You don't need to wait to be loved, to feel loveable or to receive. You can gift it to yourself right now!

Tip 8. Dial in your daily (morning & evening) rituals

The power of rituals and aligning your energy BEFORE your day begins and before you go to sleep is potent! This is SUCH a game changer—coming into alignment as a prerequisite for each day (and not as an afterthought, or as self-care that you do when you're already burnt out!) I've built a life and business around my own spiritual practice (being tuned in is key). But building up your own daily morning and evening rituals needn't be something that takes ages.

Even just five minutes of meditation or breathwork, a glass of water and a quick stretch can work wonders!

I like to meditate, do yoga and follow a cleanse routine by medical medium each morning and in the evening I always journal on what I was grateful for that day and set my intentions for the next day.

What are your non-negotiable morning and evening daily rituals?

NB. Start with small goals that you know you can keep—small goals: big commitment!

Tip 9. Get out of your own way

Once you’ve set your big audacious goals you need to do the energy work to align with it. Often this means integrating aspects of ourselves that still feel scared or resistant of this next expansion. These parts will sabotage our progress unless we tend to them first (procrastination, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, etc.)

We all have so many aspects that make us who we are and each time we uplevel, it requires addressing certain parts of ourselves that are still calibrated to old goals and old versions of ourselves. Simply put—before we leap we must tend within, to our younger aspects supporting their maturation and integration. Reassuring them and loving them. Giving them space to be seen and heard.

Sit with yourself and feel into whatever emotions might feel heavy or sticky. Breathe into them. Ask yourself what age you first felt this way. Imagine that you are meeting that part; reassuring them, asking them to support you and imagining them growing up and merging with your energy (this is a super brief overview of a much deeper transformation process I teach).

Once you’ve spent time to align and integrate, allow yourself to really feel into having/being/doing what you desire. Bring it into the present—here and now! Celebrate it as though it has already arrived.

Tip 10. Surrender the how

Finally, completely surrender the ‘how’ it's all going to play out, and instead let yourself be guided by your intuition and inspiration (divine guidance), whilst focusing on what you can control; your thoughts, your habits and your vibe!

Okay beauty—now go create some magic!!

Sending a wave of love to you


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