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5 Ways To Tell You’re Out of Alignment (And what to do about it)

“Your dreams aren’t contingent on what anybody else does. Only what you do with your vibration”

Abraham Hicks

Disclaimer – I am NOT diminishing that other people, places and things can and do influence your vibration! They can and validating the truth of how you feel is sooo important.

In fact, sometimes that means distancing yourself from certain people, disconnecting from environments that don’t serve you.

However, ultimately, I want to remind you that you are always the one in charge of *your* own alignment. And that you are WAY more powerful than any external force when you align with your soul, becoming a conduit and channel for source energy - a spark of divine consciousness itself.

It is soooooo easy to blame others, or even to blame ourselves.

But the intention of this blog post is to help you take YOUR POWER BACK.

Take Your Power Back

What if…no one needs blaming

What if…we can simply learn to trust our experience

What if... the only feedback we need is from our greatest teachers: our OWN senses of feeling, knowing, seeing, hearing.

When we actually honour how we feel (which can often be in contrast or opposition to our programmed mind) – we can begin to step back into alignment.

This is a something we get to practice.

Trusting ourselves is something that many of us, spiral around, coming back to greater and greater levels of self-empowerment again and again.

It can take time to master.

In part because, we live in a world where, for the majority of us, we were taught to give away our power and trust others to know what was best for us – beginning with our parents, then our teachers and even our bosses and governments.

Wake-up moment: there’s no more time for this bullshit.

We came here to be the empowered, sovereign creators of our lives - listening to our own truth!

It’s only when we choose radical integrity to our self, higher self and soul that we can be of great use to the light that we serve.

This means building up our skills of discernment, our faculties of self-validation and a deepening into radical self-trust.

A recent initiation of my mown

Recently I spiralled through another rich lesson misalignment. As usual it was my achilles heel – an old programme of discounting my truth for the “rational reasons” in my mind.

I was accepting something that felt off in my body, it was pulling my energy down, pushing against my inner knowing and was not serving me.

But, it had hooked into that age old weakness “I thought I was doing the right thing” (obligation/putting others first) “I didn’t think such a small innocent, seemingly helpful act would affect me.”

False. It did affect me.

Because, as it turns out – energy never lies!!

“Be precious with your light!”

Jacqueline Kahn

Whilst this small misaligned, seemingly kind act was pulling me down emotionally and energetically – it was ALSO directly affecting the prosperity of my business!

“Why?” I hear you ask ---

Well, great question.

The reason was, I was not valuing myself. I was not *fully* honouring my light, listening to myself and my energy and my emotions. So, the universe was simply mirroring back that experience to me - no one else was valuing me, listening to me or honouring my energy!

Five tell-tale signs your out of alignment

Here are five tell-tale signs to know you are out of alignment

1. It doesn’t feel good! – Perhaps it feels heavy, constrictive or outright depressing in your body.

2. You don’t want to do it! – The true heart-felt desire isn’t really there, as much as we try and contrive it because we think we should in order to do the right thing/be a good person etc.

3. Your body is starting to give you signals that it isn’t happy – perhaps you’re getting headaches, perhaps feeling low in energy or mood, perhaps you suddenly get a mysterious illness or random aches or pains. The body is speaking to you – listen.

4. You’re making up reasons to justify it – you’re allowing the mind and quiet possibly the ego to tell you all the rational reasons why this is right – despite it not *feeling* right.

5. There’s no joy or peace – all that joie de vive, inspiration and lightness is draining away when you follow this decision. Plus, you continue to question or justify your choice or behaviour.

Contrastingly, when we are acting or choosing in alignment with our mental, emotional, physical, energetic and psychic bodies:

Five Signs you are in alignment






Focus on YOU and you alone!

It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, how they are behaving – your only concern is making decisions that feel right for you, that honour your truth. Enabling you to stay in your own lane and feeling into your own alignment.

A seemingly innocent misalignment of my own meant the flow of abundance in my business got cut off. I hadn’t been valuing my truth or honouring, above all else.

The moment I decided to honour my truth and made a new aligned boundary and decision out of and with love for myself first, everything transformed INSTANTLY!

That same day I signed two new clients, receiving a multiple four-figure day. I facilitated a very powerful ancestral healing and got clear inspiration about the next steps in my business.

The tap had been turned back out. My alignment with my higher self, soul, my vortex of unlimited abundance and limitless receiving was re-connected and opened again.

Say ‘yes’ to yourself first

Boundaries are such a big part of this. Overcoming people pleasing (or putting others needs before your own) is another key part of this --- but that’s for another day.

Today, if you take anything away from this reading, let it be this:

· Don’t diminish how you feel. Don’t ignore the feedback you’re getting, in your body.

· It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else. Just you.

· You are the greatest authority on what is best for you in your life.

· Your vertical alignment to your soul is all you truly need to make the right decision.

· Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your gut knows. Your mind is a liar…

· Your body is the encoded technology, holding the blueprint to your soul’s curriculum.

P.s. Drop the drama

When it comes to coercion, manipulation, gaslighting as some of the reasons we fall out of misalignment, I know it can be so easy to fall into blaming the other, getting wrapped up in a drama of someone being a villain, you being the victim and looking for an external saviour.

I want to remind you that ultimately, any challenging character is a gift and a blessing sent to help you fine tune your ability to stay aligned and self-empowered – showing you the chinks in your armour of where you give your power away!

So when we let go of that drama – where someone is victim, someone else villain, someone else the saviour – we surrender and come back into the flow of our own power. Because where attention goes, energy flows x

Ready to master radical integrity and soul-alignment?

Want to know more about your inner authority and the energies at play in your own human design and soul plan?

Then the Soul Activation Month Intensive might be perfect for you. Book in a free discovery call with me today x


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