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6 Ways to Spring Clean your Life

(And Open Up to More of What You Want)

Spring has finally sprung and the days are filled with sunshine and a warm breeze.

Here in my little mountainside village the olive groves are carpeted with daisies, crocuses, clover and new green grass.

It got me reflecting on how this gift of so much new life follows after the bleak hibernation during the colder winter months.

The death - re-birth cycle being fully shown us by mother nature.

It offers us an invitation to ask the question: what needs to be let go of and die within us in order new life to be born?

It’s another of those juicy paradoxes – the more we let go of the more we receive.

So, counter-intuitively, our first step in manifesting more, begins with letting go of what we no longer want or need.

I always come back to this one truth “life abhors a vacuum” – and no, I’m not talking about your Dyson! I mean a ‘vacuum’ as in an empty space.

We can apply this to how we manifest:

I see it like this – you’ve asked the universe for all these wonderful things, meanwhile, keeping your hands tightly clasped around the old.

You need to let go, and open up your palms to receive.

There are many ways to let go and this week right after Spring Equinox seems a beautiful and perfectly aligned time to do so.

Six Things To Spring Clean Your Life

(or really anytime you’re ready to welcome in more!)


It’s so normal, as we are setting our exciting intentions and big for the next quarter of the year ahead, to feel some contraction. Those parts of us that aren’t yet aligned or onboard with this new level of [insert goal] connection/visibility/wealth/success/love etc.

A part of you is trying to keep you safe and protected. Protecting another, probably young wounded part of you that experienced something painful, linked to your new goal.

E.g. More visibility meant more rejection, so the protector part keeps you playing small and blending in to avoid possible future rejection.

A wonderful friend and mentor of mine Lisa at Align Within, shared with me an expanded version of a practice I love called “re-writing the script.” In her version, we don’t just move from the negative to the positive, we transcend the polarisation all together. We list the polarised ‘positive’ and then ‘negative’ beliefs before conducting a little ceremony to help release their power and patterning.


It’s true that “as within, so without” – the state of our external spaces affect our internal spaces and visa versa.

This week I invested in a cleaner to deep clean my apartment. Best money I’ve ever spent – this absolute angel spent a long-time cleaning my rather dirty windows, dusting corners and mopping.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to clean (definitely more on the OCD side of things), but to have someone come in a do a deep clean was heaven! I came home to her finishing up, and in my broken Turkish she asked me if it looked beautiful and I said “very very beautiful” and we shared a big bear hug!

I couldn’t help but giggle in the realisation that each time I look through my newly clean and gleaming windows, it helps my mind also feel clearer too!

Even the dog got a wash this week!

P.s. I also LOVE to do a big fridge clean once a week and cupboard clean monthly. My wardrobe is next on the agenda of spring clean items.


As we step into Arie’s season, it’s time to embody and put into practice all the valuable information you learnt about yourself and your relationships in the deep Pisces season we now leave behind.

Maybe you’ve cycled back around again an old pattern, or a familiar relationship that tests your boundaries. Maybe you’re noticing that your needs have changed as you have grown and that your boundaries and relationships need to reflect that.

Remembering this powerful truth – that your relationship with yourself is the most important. Saying yes to you truly is the first priority AND sometimes that means saying No to someone else.

You do you boo!

Because if you’re not fully topped up, recharged and revitalised, that light you came to shine won’t be as bright as it can be.

Serving you first, really does serve the world best!


Be honest now, how often to you check in on your outgoings and do a little self-audit? I’m not talking frugality central necessarily. I more mean, coming into right relationship with money whereby you FEEL GOOD about the ways you are spending, earning, saving and investing your money.

A really simple activity that I like to do every few months, is to check my monthly subscriptions and check-in with whether I am still using these and enjoying them. If not I cancel them – because I love and value money and this is a simple aligned action that allows me to embody that.

At times of overflow, I love to connect into causes and charities that I want to support and shift subscriptions I’m not using to charitable donation subscriptions.

Perhaps your goal at the moment is eliminating or reducing debt, and it can feel great to adjust your reoccurring repayments to what feels most aligned every few months too.

Looking at your financial systems – like your bank, account terms, fees etc. can also be helpful – for example shifting a credit card to a balance payment (0% account) or utilising foreign exchange accounts whilst travelling to avoid fees.

Lastly (and what I find most fun!) I love to check back in with my financial goals and targets, updating where I’ve hit them/surpassed/or missed them. Without any shame or judgement - simply bringing the energy and light of my awareness to my conscious intent around earning.

I hope these help you in your financial spring clean!


How often have you heard the phrase “quality over quantity” (a lot right – I feel like it’s one of those statements drummed into our earballs right back since we were five!) Annnyyyway – how often do you apply that principle to your life – to your friendships, on and off line?

I personally love Instagram, because I follow account that inspire, uplift and inform me. I even use some accounts like I use my oracle cards (spirit uses all mediums folks!).

However, early this year I realised I was following a lot of other coaches and it was starting to add to a growing ‘comparisonitus’ (comparing myself to other’s journey/success and progress).

If you didn’t already know, “comparison is the thief of joy!” (Thank you Mr Roosevelt for those wise words) – it’s so true! I know without a shadow of a doubt, that staying in my own lane and listening to spirit gives me WAY more room for joy, freedom and success, that peaking in on what my peers are doing.

So, anyways – long story short, I unfollowed over 75% of people on my account. I was feeling bold that day apparently – and I’m not suggesting you instantly go unfollow everyone you know and ghost all your friends. Please don’t do that!

But what I am suggesting is, check-in with what is bringing you joy and if it’s in any way either pulling you down or neutral – call back your energy and maybe it’s time to release that influence from you life (or place new boundaries around it).


I spent the first few days on 2022 going through ALL my digital filing for my business, dating back a few years. It felt sooo cathartic to tidy up, chuck out and re-organise everything in my digital world. I also tended to any little to do lists and odd jobs – digitally – that I’d been meaning to do for ages.

I swear this simple admin focused few days was part of the reason the second week of January was my highest earning month to date! I’d created the space, everything was neat and in order. There was no clutter in the way to block the flow of abundance to me.

And so there you have it folks! Spring Clean Galour!


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