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A Day of Miracles

The power of peace and why I choose to live unapologetically free

There is a special spaciousness that comes when we allow ourselves to rest in stillness. When we breathe into the presence of peace. Drawing our power back from all distractions and opening ourselves up to the majesty that life is wishing to bestow upon us.

Today was one of those days for me.

It started…stickily. I woke up stressed. I had felt my energy being pulled into someone else’s drama and noticed myself going over and over it in my mind. I had allowed it to ruin my peace.

These days, my energy is my number one priority. I know it’s my most important currency and asset. It’s how I magnetise and manifest. It’s how I hold transformational spaces for clients.

I’ve learnt the hard way – after burnouts and a twenties defined by constant hussle – that it is who I am being (what I am appreciating, the vibe I’m holding), that dictates my reality. Over and above what I do, is the power of the energy I am embodying.

Because the energy of my being ends up colouring everything I “do” with that same energy!

So… I’ve learnt to get super mindful.

Today wasn’t going to be any different.

I usually start my day with meditations – silent or guided (I have a bank of them in a file on my phone). I woke up pretty early and (despite being stressed and, in a funk,) I decided, to go inward.

To practice what the mystical arts I refer to as Sacred Alchemy: the power of transmuting the state of one thing into something better.

I began by listening to a channelled energy alignment from my energy mentor. I then followed a self-protection visualisation (I’m going to record this one for you folks, because it’s the most powerful one I’ve tried to date – focusing on employing sacred geometric symbols and colours).

I felt myself coming back into my own energy – all attachments and legacies of the drama had been transmuted and left my field. I felt back in my heart and more relaxed.

I sighed out, mmm that’s better. I placed my hand on my heart and repeated my favourite prayer “I am open to today being one of the best days of my life, I am open to receiving miracles, thank you.” I felt the words move me.

I hopped out of bed and felt my way into what my intuition was guiding me to do.

Usually, I start my day after meditation with a yoga practice and a cleansing ritual of hot water lemon, celery juice and a shower.

Today, I felt that could wait.

I felt the pull to take action and sat down at my desk instead, opening my laptop.

I felt determined to resolve the things that had been bothering me, aligning my actions with my truth. Taking my power back and getting out my head!

I instantly felt a peace return.

I felt the nudge to close my laptop. “One more email” my mind said…but as I went to send it I realised that the power had cut-out…ha-ha! Divine timing was at play it seemed.

There was no more work to be done!

I looked outside the big window at the sea. The sun was shining amidst a cloudless baby blue sky. It was a glorious day after a few days of storms.

I felt the desire to go out and, on an adventure, and so after hopping in the shower, I popped Ellie’s (my dog) lead on and out we went.

Only a few steps down the road and a huge monarch butterfly fluttered past me to rest on the leaf of a tree next to me…the sign of my great-grandmother who I have a deep affinity with. I smiled and felt the warm flutter of love move through my heart. It seemed she was here guiding me…and providing me with my first miracle of the day.

I decided not to follow our usual route and instead let me intuition lead. We discovered a beautiful hidden pathway through ancient olive trees that I hadn’t taken before. Bees danced around us. I noticed around my feet there were some deep purple, autumn crocuses…the very same flower that I had just put in my online shopping basket to buy as a flower essence. I giggled. Of course! I could make my own from these. Miracle number two!

The autumn crocus is recognisable for its delicate beauty supports us to open our hearts to receive love and release old pain.

I lent down and felt into which flowers were feeling generously enthusiastic about being picked. I heard three calling the loudest ‘pick me’ and so thanking them I reached down and picked them. Putting them for safe keeping in my pocket, until I could get home and infuse them in water and sunshine to receive their essence.

We continued on. Ellie loves nothing more than a new adventure – she was bouncing along, her tail moving like it had a life of its own (it’s how I know she’s really happy). I felt the warmth of deep happiness and appreciation for her joyful company move through me.

We were walking at more of a slow ramble, taking in the beauty of the trees, the carpet of the new green spring grass and its peppering of the purple flowers. As we approached the road that lay the other side of our secret cut-through path, I breathed in the sweet warm spring air. Noting how it had changed direction from the cold Northern wind of the past few days. This wind had switched and was now, most likely coming from Africa. I could recognise it from its subtle energy and aroma. It always carried with it a romance and air of mystery to concealed in. Stories from distant shores. I found myself falling in love with the moment.

I randomly found my eyes were being pulled to look to my right.

As I turned, unsure as to what had caught my attention, from nowhere I saw a huge eagle rise up from the bushes. Graceful and magnificent, this stunning creature began to glide on the warm up currant of air. Circling right over above us higher and higher. My eyes filled with gratitude…a third miracle!

…fast forward to the afternoon – and after a leisurely lunch in the sun on my balcony, chatting with my neighbours and a blissful half-hour afterward journaling on my sun-trapped yoga mat in my sitting room, eating dark chocolate and feeing Ellie cashews (one of her faves) – and I had decided to head into town.

The thought of a latté was calling me to venture out and I’d decided today to follow my bliss and let pleasure lead. I had taken the bus, loving the open road that was bordered by the big mountains and turquoise sea. I plugged into my headphones.

The second song that came on [Close Your Etes by Wilkinson Iiola] and I immediately felt my brother’s presence in spirit. I found myself doubting myself as to whether it was actually him, I could feel as I continued staring out the window. And then I saw it again…the huge eagle that had joined my on my walk! Flying directly alongside the bus along the mountainside, my eyes filled with tears again and a wave of unconditional love washed through me. Exploding in my cells like I’ve been hit with a big love bomb (a sure sign of my brother’s presence).

The eagle followed us almost the whole way along the straight stretch of the road until we turned off. Miracle number four!

“Okay spirit”, I said to myself, “I’m blown away!”

I had asked for miracles, and I hadn’t been disappointed. Spirit even had it’s usual divine humour…granting me “four” rather than “for” miracles hahaha!

I had chosen to let myself be guided; I’d surrendered my plans and instead allowed myself to receive.

A day of miracles had unfolded. I’d chosen to feel good first and follow my bliss, staying in alignment with the divine path, that was just waiting to wow me!

So here I sit, heart full and in awe, sharing this message with you today!

I hope this blog might inspire you to follow your joy, bliss, and intuition, opening up to receive the miracles and blessings you’re ready and willing to receive.

And I hope you might feel through this email, the beautiful peace and magic that has infused my miraculous day xxx


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