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An Ode to my Mum

When becoming your mother turns into something you really celebrate!

There’s this weird turning point that seemed to happen for me somewhere around my late twenties, where the teenage fear of becoming my mother completely transformed into some deep respect, reverence and dare I say, even awe!

My mum has gone from my mother whom I spent a lot of my teenage years under-appreciating, tormenting and overly relying on emotionally – to now in my 30's becoming one of my best mates, someone I truly admire, respect, trust and look up to.

We have to remember the context of all this. We have grown up in a dominantly Patriarchal paradigm. Where the role of the traditional man – the professional, provider of the family was glorified over and above the home-making roles of the wife and mother figure. This “support” role was labelled as secondary, inferior and somehow easier. This collective consciousness was something that coloured my outlook through much of my youth. Exaggerated as my father worked away, coming back only at weekends to play the “cooler, more fun and exciting” parent figure.

Well somewhere in the last five years, in the midst of me beginning to truly live a little and experience the true trials and tribulations of being an independent adult woman in this world, I have come to recognise just how wrong I was.

It was my mother who was there day in and day out listening to our problems, cooking our meals, cleaning up our scrapped knees, cleaning our rooms and making our beds, driving us around and helping us with our homework.

Selflessly around the clock. And not once did we stop to turn around and realise what a huge outpouring of love and sacrifice this role truly was.

So this Mother’s day I’ve chosen to turn around and share a little piece in gratitude of my wonderful mother. A woman who not only inspires me but is a guiding light for many many people, as she embodies the courage and change they wish to see in the world (check out Raw foundation)

My mum is an artist, an activist, a rebel, a teacher, a designer, an executive, and an unwaveringly selfless mother.

She is one of those women who doesn't just talk about her ideas, you turn your back for a second, and when you turn back around, she's not only brought it into reality, she has driven it forward single-handedly with the strategic savvy, creative brilliance, sheer determination, quiet humility and relaxed demeanour, that it is both highly rare (in my experience) and truly inspirational.

She is a woman of grit and grace.

Of the deepest compassion but the strongest power. She is my hero, my greatest ally, my favourite wisdom coach and I will forever aspire to live with the freedom and self-alliance she has demonstrated to me.

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