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8 (Often Overlooked) Steps to Successful Manifestation

Step 1. Faith over Fear

Recently, the word I keep receiving from spirit is “faith.”

We know that choosing faith over fear is the crux of manifestation. But, how do you fare when things begin to look like it’s not happening?

In the words of manifestation queen Amanda Frances

“It’s not faith until it looks like it won’t happen, and you still believe!”

This is the whole courageous challenge of manifestation work – holding the faith even when nothing in your reality suggests it is possible and your mind has no understanding of “how” it’s going to happen.

These are also the moments when we get to claim our power as conscious creators of our own reality.

We must hold firm – aligning our thoughts, emotions and beliefs with the version of us that already has the thing.

However, we manifest from our subconscious mind - our dominant vibration. This means that we NEED to allow space for us to process, release negative thoughts and feelings in the process.

Step 2. What if you chose to believe successful manifestation was inevitable?

Just like placing an order at a restaurant – you don’t suddenly start crying and leave the restaurant because your meal hasn’t appeared instantly. No – you trust the process. You sit back and wait in excited expectation.

It’s the same with our manifestations. What if you could trust that the success of receiving your manifestations was inevitable?

How would you feel?

What actions would you take?

What believes would you hold?

Listening to an interview with Manifestation Babe and how she went from $15+ debt on her credit card and sleeping on her grandma’s couch in LA to earning $600k the following year, simply by 100% committing to acting “as if my success was inevitable.”

When we make moves aligned as this version of ourself we are collapsing time. We have already become what we desire, we’ve taken the first bold move and the universe has no choice but to shift to meet us. This is the vibrational law of attraction and law of action working together.

Step 3. Focus on what you can control!

The reason this manifestation stuff is not for the faint hearted is because it requires a degree of confident, brave, bold and unwaivering belief in what we cannot yet see. In a world taught to “see it before you believe it” – “believing it before you see it” is a radical act of faith!

It’s about shifting the focus from the outside world to our inner world. It is about reclaiming our power over all that we can control: how we feel, what we think and the actions we take.

With this self-empowerment comes a level of liberation – we can let go of everything ‘out there’ in the world of form. Knowing that everything that has already been created is the result – the co-creation – of our previous inner state (energetic, emotional, mental, physical) mixed in with the collective/universal forces.

But that NOW - in this moment - this is where our power to alter the future lies. The future becomes the manifested form and result of our present thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

So pay attention to the thoughts you choose to think right now, the feelings you choose to embody and the inspired action you choose to take. Because aligning it with what you want to create, is the most impactful way you can create your desired future outcome.

Step 4. We will always get what we need first!

When we are living out a situation that we don’t like, it’s important to not blame or shame yourself for what is occurring. There is a dimension often overlooked in the world of manifestation and the Law of Attraction – and that is the vast intelligence of the universe and the Law of Grace.

The Law of Grace kicks in, overriding the karma of our manifestations, protecting our spiritual evolution to give us:

1. Not always what we WANT

2. Always what we NEED

So if you asked for that growth in your business, or job promotion and suddenly all that you seem to be experiencing is additionally problems and challenges in your job and business – don’t be deterred.

The universe is preparing you to have what you want.

You need to become – you need to expand your capacity, ability and skills sometimes, to become the person that can handle what it is you are desiring.

So the universe is often bringing us what we need before what we want.

During these initiations it is for us to prove that we are able, ready and capable to have what we want. We get to uplevel. We get to become an expanded version of ourself first.

Step 5. So be careful what you wish for!

I was at dinner with a friend this week and we both found ourselves crying with laughter over this one. Remembering the times in our lives that we had asked the universe for great growth and success. And then, before the success, being bombarded with a succession of challenges!

“We literally asked for it” I squeaked in-between belly laughter and tears.

And this is perhaps the biggest thing about manifestations.

Don’t be surprised, if when you’ve asked for something really big, like success or more clients – if the universe gives you all the experiences to prepare you to be able to handle it! Because the universe will only ever give you want you can handle – and so it prepares you by giving you challenges at the level of the thing you want.

Get ready to step up and handle new challenges and responsibilities, to prove to the universe you are ready to handle what you want – becoming that next level you in the process.

You’re the one that needs to prove it by making bold moves first! Leap with faith – the universe will catch you!

Step 6. Manifest for the great good

As Alpha Femme reminded me of this week “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Your job is to get super clear on what you want, but also why. Is your why coming from your Soul (serving the greater good) or your Ego? Check yourself. Bring integrity and get intentional about your desires and manifestations. I find it helpful to ask the why question five times to really drill down and check if your desire is a true Soul desire or the desire of your ego.

Step 7. Remember what is yours to do and what is the universe’s

Manifesting from your ego will create karma. Pushing against divine right timing (when) and trying to control the how something manifests, is also acting out of alignment with the Laws of the Universe.

Instead release and let go of the how and the when. Opening up to receive it in the divinely perfect way and the perfect right time.

If you don’t like the reality you are currently living, remember that it is always showing up to help you grow, supporting what you need.

You don’t have to like it.

But it realllly helps if you can surrender into what IS (even if you don’t like it) and feel whatever feelings it’s bringing up to heal, that is probably what is needed for the growth you DO desire.

Step 8. Hold the energy and release attachment

Choose to know and confidently believe that what you desire is yours, if you stay aligned, take the inspired actions and practice energetic fortitude and mental willpower.

Release the attachment that the success or failure of your manifestation will mean anything about you. If you feel some attachment and strong feelings - explore them, perhaps they link to memories, trapped emotions and outdated false beliefs that need to be acknowledged and lovingly released.

If you want some help with this last part - book in for an Experiential Healing Session here.

Ready to go deeper?

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