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Descent into the Feminine

Soul-level Healing

The focus this week is Soul level healing and traumas that span lifetimes.

This is what has been tender and alive. A deeper dive into walking the underworld path of the dark feminine. To feel, heal, reclaim and release.

The month of May – that eclipse, those energies, they were the invitation that took us deeeep…

For me it was no different. Since the 7th May, I got taken down by covid, a three week journey. Despite not having gotten ill for 13 years+, I was humbly forced to stop - a deep cycle of surrender. I was told by my spirit guides that there was a deep clearing happening in my energy and an intense integration and recalibration process in my physical body. The space that was created was making more room for me to hold fragmented parts lost over lifetimes.

Letting go of all the debris that was keeping me buoyantly on the surface of my life and being. I was invited to bring my awareness to deeper layers within my being – what had been kept separate and outside the light of my being for a long time. Descending into the heart and the silence, the stillness and the void.

I listened to the nudge and began meditating for a 1-3 hours each day. Bringing the light of loving awareness (that is available to us all when we drop down from the head into the portal of our hearts) to new places in the pain body (aspects of ourselves we have become cut off from due to trauma and layers of protection).

Leaning back into the archetypal Mother across the levels of my being – above, below and within:

- The wounded lower aspects cradled in the lap of Mother Earth.

- The wounded maiden of my psyche cradled in the lap of the Mother within my own body.

- The wounded higher spirit, resistant to land in the pain and density on Earth, in the body – held in loving embrace of the Cosmic Mother, the void of time and space.

All levels of being felt at once, recalibrating and releasing in the reconnection to the Mother. Witness the energies of pain, fears, terror, regrets, remorse and sadness that spanned across lifetimes – stuck and held in the body.

Bridging polarities within – ranging from the parts that merge completely into the oneness of source and life itself, to the parts that reject life entirely and have been separated, lost in the darkness.

As above, so below

As high as we can go in the light, that far we much we must reach down into the darkness.

For many of us, especially many Starseeds, it feels far easier to ascend to lighter vibrations that delving deeper into the body, to places that have yet to be touched by the light of our awareness – pockets of trauma separated from love.

Descending into our own internal darkness offers us great gifts. It is where we remember our own light.

As we do this, we expand our light.

Everything in the universe wants acknowledgement

Our ability to expand, go further, reach higher --- and ultimately uplevel and create a life we love --- impacting others positively and in service, depends on our ability to create solid foundations, to move through the layers of trauma in the root, the sacral and the solar plexus --- to ground down and anchor more of our light into our bodies – part of the earth.

The older the soul – the more layers – and this can, potentially include, the more layers of trauma to clear.

We don’t need to go digging for what we need to heal…we simply need to keep moving in the direction of our desires, doing what lights us up, and that light will expose the darkness.

The more we expand into the light, the more we embody it, the more light reaches our planet – the more what has been in the shadows will be exposed.

As within, so without

And we see this not just in ourselves, but in this age of increasing transparency that we are living in – seeing even more clearly the racism, white supremacy, child trafficking, corrupt control of governments that exists in the world etc.

We must acknowledge what we are seeing, and then in the light of our conscious awareness, we must decide who it is we wish to be and take new aligned action, with self-responsibility and integrity from that place.

Everything that exists outside of us, also lives within us, all is interconnected. And our job as lightworks (healers, shamans, intuitive, wayshowers, changemakers etc.), is to process what we witness, as if were our own. Alchemising it all.

Radically responsible.

Radically forgiving.

Radically loving.

Radical integrity.

Levels of Trauma for the Soul

1. Trauma - frozen and stuck energy

Like layers of an onion, we often have a collection of traumas lodged in our energy field. These are made up of known and unknown traumas across this life and other lives when we experienced something that was too much for us to process. The result: parts of our energetic being gets stuck – frozen in time.

2. Trauma can compound across lifetimes with the Law of Attraction

Often these traumas attract additional traumas (as the energy becomes lodged and influences our dominant subconscious vibration) – like attracts like (Law of Attraction). And so, we end up with these layers on layers of trauma.

3. Peeling back the layers to the original trauma

This is why, you’ll often hear those on a healing or spiritual path talking about “peeling back the layers” – of trauma and protective responses to trauma.

When we strip away the top layers of trauma and keep going deeper, we can get to the root – the original trauma.

4. Your pain often is your purpose.

Often this original trauma or pain holds the key to our purpose – what we ourselves have suffered through and healed, is what we are here to help others overcome.

But until healed, there remains the tell-tale sign of trauma – the shame and lingering feeling of something being ‘not quite right’ with the self.

5. What caused the original trauma?

At a Soul level we know that everything is a choice, and often the hardships we experience across many or within specific lifetimes are the effect of either or both:

a. Soul contracts – where we chose a certain challenging experience to help us grow, gain wisdom, balance etc. (such as conditions of hardship, servitude, disempowerment etc.)

b. Negative beliefs – like feeling you aren’t able to have influence over creating your life, that you’re not able to have/keep what you want etc.


Clearing work is soo powerful, as we strip back these layers across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to return to our truth as the powerful co-creators of our lives.

Wanting support with this clearing, I offer 1:1 Soul-led Healing Sessions, as well as deeper dive Soul Activation Month Intensives.

DM me over here on Instagram to inquire.


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