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From Breakdown to Breakthrough

BREAKDOWN - I was sat having pulled over in the car, ugly crying, whilst Frozen "Show Yourself" played.

I'd just had a panic attack.

That's how my latest BREAKTHROUGH began...with an "ugly cry, panic attack" kind of a breakdown!

Yep, it wasn't pretty!

But it also wasn't the first time my Soul had pulled out the big guns to wake me up and realize I was on the wrong path - I was going off track.

If I'm honest, I knew my Soul had been aching for a while -

I knew because my heart had felt heavy, I felt stuck and like I was moving further away from my dreams that I had worked so hard to identify.

It was the autumn of 2019, before COVID and the thing was, I felt so safe and settled... I had a beautiful apartment, a kind relationship & our puppy. [I was exhausted and I was hustling...but I was ignoring that]

My income was growing whilst I juggled three jobs.

Job 1. As a yoga teacher, running around town teaching between 5 – 15 classes a week at prominent studios

Job 2. As the co-founder, along with my partner, of a start-up company making handmade eco-beauty products and

Job 3. As the Sales Manager for a brandable stainless steel bottle company.

I was determined to build-up my life (and income) to what it was ‘before.’

- Before I left a ten-year career and decided to go-it-alone and build my own company.

- Before I committed to build a soul-led business.

- Before I threw perceived safety, security, and the financial comfort of corporate employment to the wind!

All in pursuit of doing what lights me up, so I can shine bright for others. I was on a mission.

A mission to help women come back into balance and harmony within their body, mind and souls and with the outside world. Driven by a passion to empower these women by reconnecting them to their own soul’s purpose, power and joy!

The problem was, it was all happening at my own expense --- and I was still hustling!

MY life was NOT feeling balanced. I thought I had escaped the treadmill of life and yet here I was, constantly exhausted, trading my time for money, with 2/3 of my jobs that were helping to build other people’s dreams, rather than my own.

And my creative passion project, the one that lit me up, was costing us more than it was making us.

Something had gone array. I was playing the same (unbalanced) game, just on a different stage.

Somewhere in the recess of my being a voice whispered

“There is more to life than this.”

More passion, more expansion, more growth, more prosperity, more empowerment, more freedom. And the yearning for more, was becoming SO strong I couldn't ignore it. My body was having a meltdown - panicking and hitting exhaustion.

My relationship was stuck, we didn't talk anymore. We functioned. Passion, love and intimacy had fallen into co-dependency.

The intimacy had been lost and the trust became weakened. The deep soul-awakening work I'd done before our relationship began, had been put on hold.

The personal space for self-discovery and self-belief that I'd created before the relationship had been squeezed out.

Suddenly, it became impossible to continue. The ache in my soul, to authentically express itself, had grown from this little whisper to a deafening scream. I had tasted what soul alignment had felt like, two years prior. That was what I was aching for.

But I was scared of letting go, of change, of the unknown, of hurting others, of letting others down, of getting it all wrong!

Wisdom came one day from my acupuncturist, after having heard my stories of prioritizing everyone else above myself, who shone light on some uncomfortable truths.

“You aren’t responsible for anyone else, but you. It’s not spiritual to be nice, it’s spiritual to be discerning.” Damn. It hit me hard and straight in the heart.

I suddenly clearly saw how I was over-giving, over-working, prioritizing others' wellbeing and dreams above my own. I realized there were some big unconscious dynamics at play.

They were affecting my self-worth and keeping me stuck in looking after others more than nurturing my own dreams and self-love. How had this happened? I decided to find out - I started meditating daily and really listening within.

That inner voice grew and started to tell me [bizareely zome very practical advice - no big holy profound downloads] - simply that I needed to leave my relationship and begin making videos and coaching.

It was time to show up and take up space in the way I was being called.

I invested in a Soul Plan Reading and received the internal permission I needed to step more into my own light and power. I had opened a crack in the door and the light of divine intervention streamed in.

The Soul Plan illuminated everything that I had felt, all the dreams that were seeded within me, but that I had never shared with anyone or believed was truly possible for me.

During the Soul Plan Reading, I cried tears of gratitude, the whole way. It felt like such a gift, like sooo much grace! The Soul Plan reading led me to my now mentor and Soul Coach.

>> She described how she could see me visiting places I yearned to visit, holding events, writing a book, speaking on stages.

>> She felt the challenges I had endured, the traumas I’d lived through.

>> She identified the innate and unique gifts I had hidden within my being, of kindness and connection to source, of a deep yearning for truth and knowledge.

For the first time in a long time, I was truly seen, felt and understood. I felt such expansiveness and peace [which I now know was being reconnected to the energy of my Higher Self and Soul].

After the Soul Plan Reading I met up with my Soul Coach each week and every call brought another shift in awareness.

I began making the bold new decisions that until then I'd felt too scared to make.

It was then the real inner work began. She shone a light on the unconscious patterns, beliefs, and energy that had been orchestrating my own sabotage from behind the scenes:

• Complex developmental trauma that tied my own wellbeing to others.

• Limiting beliefs that caused me to massively over-give.

• People pleasing which had meant really weak boundaries.

Within a few weeks, almost everything in my life had shifted, in the right direction.

I had the confidence and support to know it was time to take action and responsibility for the areas of my life that were keeping me stuck.

- I made the heart-breaking but right decision to leave my relationship and set a move-out date.

- I stepped back from spending my time running around teaching in-person to coach online instead.

- I re-adjusted my prices to what felt good in my heart (and embraced the scary AF feelings in my stomach that were there to begin with!)

- I invested in some key programs to train as a Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Transformation Therapist and Soul Plan Practitioner.

- I learnt how to build my online business by investing in two amazing online schools.

- I had some hard conversations with family about new boundaries.

My soul been whispering further guidance to me “start your online business, be location independent, move out, tie up any loose ends.”

With this newfound support and clarity, I followed its guidance, newly empowered and confident.

And by the 1st March 2020 I had shakily moved myself out of my shared apartment with my ex and back into my Dad’s home. Life in boxes, but excited to start moving forward full speed with my business.

One-week later COVID began escalating in the UK.

Two weeks later we moved into lockdown.

I didn’t follow the news, so I had no idea this was on the horizon.

But my soul had navigated me into the perfect situation to be prepared to heal and serve when it all began.

The divine synchronicity of the timing blew me away!

Within two weeks, I had:

*released a “7 days back to balance” free training course online,

*rebuilt my website,

*launched a two-month group coaching programme and

*completed over 50hours in business training.

I was operating on all guns blazing and in complete flow. I felt aligned, empowered, and experienced such waves of bliss - now I was back on track.

The type of bliss that only comes when you leap in faith to follow that calling of your Soul!

I created a wildly expansive vision board with new images of how I dreamed my life to look, living by the sea and mountains, my own home, pets, private clients and group programme, feeling in shape and free.

Fast-forward a year and this is my living reality! But even within those first few months, back at my dad’s, I had made my first few £1000’s from Soul Plan Readings and my first online programme.

I couldn’t believe it!

In the background, I was having regular “soul clarity/inner work” sessions to unearth the traumas and limits that had been keeping me stuck.

What had felt like a complete BREAKDOWN (breaking-up with my ex., completely pivoting my business and pulling away from unhealthy family dynamics)

– that were causing me to feel trapped in a life that didn’t feel like my own, stuck in victim mentality, feeling undervalued and fearful

– had become the very bedrock from which I had found my BREAKTHROUGH.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that it wouldn’t have been possible without these three things:

1. My Soul Plan reading – that gave me the re-connection and confidence in my purpose, to take that leap of faith.

2. Soul guidance from a compassionate coach and mentor – who helped me work through my limits, healing my trauma and build up my own awareness and self-responsibility

3. & Support from people in a similar situation - who had also taken a leap of faith following the call of their Soul – found in the group programme I joined.

I wouldn’t have done it without these things, because it was too much. Too overwhelming, too scary.

There was too much self-doubt, fear, shame, guilt, manipulation, confusion, fatigue and isolation.

There was not enough support, guidance, clarity or confidence.

And this is exactly why I created BREAKTHROUGH PROGRAMME.

1. To help others – people like you - to leap towards your Soul’s purpose, power and joy. 2. I know it takes more than faith – it takes clarity, guidance, confidence and support, all in just the right amount. And this is what I have built for you too in Breakthrough.

3. There is no other programme out there that will give you the blueprint of your Soul and your own personalized cheat sheet for life!

As well as leading you through tailored healing, coaching and activating on mind, body and soul levels.

Whilst also empowering you with a vast array of tools in your toolbox to be able to continue to grow, heal and expand.

My alumni say the programme was

“Truly life changing” Katy

“Pure magic" Kerry

"I have truly broken through to who I was always here to be" Jenny

If you want some of this for yourself, I have a question for you: Are you truly ready? Ready to CLAIM the life you truly want, deserve and have been aching for?

If the answer is yes, then join the waitlist to receive a FREE taster Masterclass and have access to the the VIP waitlist £444 discount. In the ‘Breakthrough to Your Soul’s Path’ Masterclass, I’ll lead you through:

1. Releasing what’s keeping you stuck.

2. Connecting to your Soul’s path, and

3. Receiving guidance on your next steps I’d love to see you there and I’d love to help support and serve you to leap into who you know you are here to be. You deserve all the joy, fulfilment and happiness in the world!

It’s YOUR time to Breakthrough.


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