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How to get unstuck and out of a funk

We all know that feeling – of being in a funk – that gross feeling that lingers in our body, which we feel unable to shake off.

Well here are ten top tips for what to do when you are already slap bang MID-FUNK!

1. Shake it up

Literally. That emotion you’re feeling is trapped energy – so shake it! Start small (clenching the hands into fists and then releasing) before beginning to increase the size of these movements into the arms and legs and booty. Maybe throw in a twerk or two – maybe stomp your feet or add in a little bounce and jump. Close your eyes, feel into it – go primal.

Just a few minutes of this and you should feel a whole load better. Great for anxiety and when you’re feeling uptight. Take few deep breaths when you stop and notice how different you feel – being back, grounded and in your body.

2. Scream

Find a pillow – scream into it. As loud as you can!

3. Hum

Plug your ears and hum. This yogic ‘bee breath’ technique is a great way to send a soothing vibration through your body and calm a spinning mind, naturally lengthening the exhale calming down your nervous system.

4. Take a shower

Then turn it alllll the way to cold! Breathe deep and count to 13! The adjustment to the cold causes our body to suppress the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) and improve the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) whilst boosting your immune system and alertness (norepinephrine production).

5. Get out

Go for a walk, jog, cycle or run. I don’t care if you just shuffle into your back garden for a second in the pouring rain, just get out the house, smell the fresh air, look up at the sky, observe the expansive world out there that is bigger than you and your funk. The deeper you can go into nature the better. Let it do the work for you - naturally bringing you back to balance. Follow the secret calling of your heart – maybe you’re pulled towards the sea, or into the forest, or the hills and mountains. Or maybe all that is available right now is the Oak tree on the corner. Be thankful for your access to any of it.

6. Stop

Just stop everything for a second and breathe. Close your eyes and spend the next five minutes (I find setting an alarm on my phone helps) to observe the movement of the breath in and out of the nose. You can add in a number at the end of each exhale to count the breath. Not getting carried away with thoughts. Not judging or manipulating anything. Simply applying a gentle sense of curiosity. This simple exercise allows us to step back and realise we are not our thoughts or emotions.

7. Pick up a pen

And write down the question: what am I feeling? Pause and set the intention to let the answer arise. Then journal whatever pops into your mind. This brings that subconscious funk gremlin into your awareness, allows it to be seen. Send your love to this little gremlin and tell it that everything will be okay.

8. The beetle shell survival method

As a type ‘A’ achiever type, when I feel like I’m in a funk I sometimes find it hard to accept it and slow down or often don’t have that option. My mum uses a genius analogy to get us through these times called “putting on your beetle shell”. Imagining your unhappy, sensitive, grumpy funk self is protected from anything outside – ensuring a safe way to help you get to the end day or until you can address it in private.

9. Be gentle to yourself

Once you do have some time, prioritise using it to practice self-care. You know the drill – bath, candles, essential oils, relaxing music and maybe even a nap and ideally an early night. When all else fails, this works wonders. Remember tomorrow you will feel different – things always change. In fact change is the only constant you can rely on.

10. Love yourself

I know this sounds a bit self-help-esq. But trust me it works. Tell whatever funk emotion you are feeling and whatever part of you that it came from, that it is okay, and repeat “I love you.” As many times as you can handle.

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