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Love Festivals but Hate Waste?

Yeah me too! And that’s why this year I decided to explore how to avoid contributing to the sea of rubbish left on site at the end of the weekend. I wanted re-usable long-lasting alternatives that I could keep with me for years not days.

In addition, to this I’ve been trying to make and buy as natural, raw, unprocessed toiletries products as possible. I read recently that women are exposed to a whopping 515 chemicals on average a day through their beauty rituals (!!) In an attempt to get back in harmony with my body and nature I’m all about choosing the least processed, best quality natural, no harm products. I'm stretching veganism to what I put on as well as in my body. I've been on the look-out for items that are taken from and can return to nature without using nasty chemicals or creating any unnecessary plastic waste. Items that are produced to be circular (make, use, reuse, recycle back into the same product or another product) rather than linear (make, use, dispose). I am now trying to only buy clean products that are also compostable, biodegreadable recycled and re-usable.

I started to make a list of things that were festival essentials for me and then set out to find re-usable, ethical, eco-alternatives. I started with my staples from the Beloved Company:

The Beloved Co. stainless bottle

and the

Conscious Consumer Collective

Sri Yantra Tote Bag

I then didn’t have to look very far before I stumbled on an epic company Pic ‘n’ Mix Festival Kit who did all the work for me!

Pic ‘n’ Mix Festival Kit offer a fantastic ready packaged eco-kit of essentials catering to your core festival needs, without bringing toxins, unnecessary packaging or plastic into the mix. Here’s what their eco-pack includes, and my review on how their products fair-up on trial.

The verdict – a solid 9.4/10! I loved them so much I’m offering you guys a discount of 10% on their product if you follow the link and enter the voucher code BELOVEDECO10 on the Pic N' Mix website.

Stainless Steel Straw

Credentials: Re-usable for life. Avoiding single-use plastic that ends up in our oceans!

Review: 5/5 This is so fab to have handy for cocktails, iced coffees and juices and it’s a great conversation starter. Such a simple and effective solution. It also doesn’t take up much room in your pocket or handbag.

Bio-degradable Glitter

Credentials: the glitter is vegan, made from eucalyptus, FSC certified, non-GMO ingredients, compostable and biodegradable in water, packaging is also biodegradable. It comes with a small tin pot of aloe vera gel for the glitter application.

Review: 5/5 - EPIC! Pure genius. The pack includes one generous portion of texturised glitter – but for those true carnival creatures, you can also purchase the full range of 5 colours.

Eye-shading brush

Credentials: Recycled, sustainable material, compostable, recyclable, bio-degradable and cruelty free, Bamboo brush and packaging is FSC approved, adhesives and inks are all water based, and window in the packaging made from corn starch not plastic.

Review: 5/5 This little brush is proof that the details really do matter. It includes a nice tapered hand-grip section, has super-soft bristles and detailed care instructions inside. Mindful touches to this perfect little festival make-up brush.


Credentials: No-plastic packaging, all-natural ingredients (beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and zinc oxide), compact and reusable tin packaging.

Review: 5/5 This is more sunblock than sunscreen, as anyone that has used zinc oxide before knows. A perfect solution to avoid burnt red noses and foreheads during those day raves!


Credentials: No-plastic packaging, all-natural ingredients, compact and reusable tin packaging.

Review: 5/5 This smells sooo good, especially if you’re a fan of lemongrass. Doesn’t block the pores in your armpits, allowing us to detox whilst still smelling sweet!


Credentials: Vegan, compostable and recyclable, free from PVC, BPA & Phthalates, packaging 100% recycled, recyclable and bio-degradable. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Review: 5/5 What’s not to love! The brush head is fantastic and it just feels so nice and natural to use. Felt like a proper eco-cool cat using this brush!


Credentials: Compact and reusable tin packaging. Toothpaste is free from fluoride, glycerine and SLS. Mineral rich formula with coconut oil. Made in the UK.

Review: 3.5/5 So I’m not going to lie to you the taste takes some getting used to but aside from that it does the job and its credentials are killer!


Credentials: Biodegradable, sensitive and unscented

Review: 5/5 There is no surviving a festival without a face wipe – am I right?! And these dreamy little numbers are super soft and gentle on the skin, avoiding any further dehydration to your skin whilst you keep partying.

Ear plugs

Credentials: Cardboard packaging.

Review: 4/5 Helping you get some shut-eye despite the beats is key. These ear plugs mould to the shape of your ear making them really effective for blocking out noise pollution. My only slight bug-bear is that they are paraffin rather than beeswax-based material.

Face and body bar

Credentials: Natural (lavender and geranium essential oils). Biodegradable and compostable.

Review: 5/5 I’m normally a bit sceptical of soap alternatives to shampoo but I can honestly say this bar is soo dreamy, smells divine and makes up a good foam lather to boot. Brings some spa-level luxury into your camping experience. I will be buying more…

Mini-torch keyring

Review: 5/5 Better than dropping your mobile phone down the portakabin toilet – that’s all I’ll say!

Bio-degradable poncho

Review: 5/5 Stay dry and plastic free!

So that’s a wrap – be proud of the eco-cred of your purchases without scrapping on luxury or pinching your purse strings. You can buy this great little Pic ‘n’ Mix festival kit here, with a 10% discount using the code BELOVEDECO10.

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