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  • Aimee

Sacred Alchemy: Befriending the Shadow

…And Finding the Gold

How many times do you make decisions based on obligation, or the voices in your head that say things like “yeah but you already said you would” or “you don’t want to let them down” or even better (my ‘Sandra the shame demon’s’ favourite) “don’t be so flaky and unreliable.”

The body knows

The truth is, our bodies are finely tuned to the intelligence of our Soul and in every now moment we know…

We know when something is right for us.

We know when something is wrong for us.

We DO know.

But are we listening? Are we connecting into the body – or are we living distracted by the stories and voices of the mind?

To make it even more confusing, and where we can get tripped up, is that what we truly need, in each moment, is in continual flux.

What you might need on one day may be completely different to the next. We are in constant state of dynamic changes + timelines shift, with every new awareness, decision, intention etc. It’s so complex that the mind cannot compute or analyse its way to the right decision.

But the body, the body is a calibrated to the Soul.

The body is tapped into the infinite field of consciousness – the Quantum realm

The body is anchored in the Now (rather than the illusions and the projections of the past and future)

Things change

Things change and what might have been in our highest good to do this weekend, yesterday, might have changed by the time we get there.

What would it take for you to honour that - for you to give yourself the permission to change plans, switch course – in order to begin to practice radical integrity with self – radical self-acceptance and self-love. Learning to meet your needs first.

Be-friending the shadow

For me, this takes time for me to sit with the shadow… loving the parts that the ego has kept hidden in shame because we are scared to let others down, scared to be someone unreliable, scared to be the reason someone feels like they’re not a priority.

The irony is, when the ego uses shame, I end up letting myself down, being unreliable to myself and not making myself a priority.

We are really scared of losing connection with others, of rejection from others – beneath it all is the core fear is of being separated from love. To have it confirmed somehow, our deepest fear, that we are unloveable or unloved. (A fact that our dependant on-other inner child equates with death). But to our adult self, this fear itself is an illusion, all part of the veil of amnesia we have gone through.

Because the truth is that we are love, it’s what we are made of, it’s what we are born from, it’s who we are and what we do. It’s our true nature – the truth behind us all. It is within us – it always was and will be.

So befriending my shadow has been this week’s theme. Seeing the times when it has been able to derail me – times when my alignment gets compromised – when I am tired, discombobulated from travel or being pulled into feeling stressed or obliged.

It’s all a gift

And all of it is learning. We get to do this work whilst really loving ourselves. Anchored in a curiosity to get to know ourselves better and expand our awareness to be able to make more conscious and illuminated choices in the future.

Setting powerful intentions

But if there is one thing I want you to bring your awareness to today (sweet-hearted, empathetic, sensitive soul that you are if you are led to be reading this) and it is this:

Q1. Where are you making choices from a place of obligation and fear of letting others down [aka self-abandonment] vs. actually trusting your body and higher self and honouring the choices it is guiding you to make with radical integrity?

- What situations/people/factors negatively affect this radical self-trust and how can you shine a light of awareness on that now?

And with this new awareness, I invite you to join me now in committing always (no matter what, to the best of your ability) to follow the clear guidance of your body and higher self from now on.

Repeat this statement outload and write it down for safe keeping:

“I commit to honouring the intelligence of my body and Soul and will, to the best of my ability in every now moment, follow it’s guidance without hesitation or question, for my highest good and the highest good of all. And when I forget or fall, I choose to love myself and to learn, knowing I am getting better and better every day, in living aligned to my Soul.”


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