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Anyone watched "SOUL" by Pixar recently?

The ending is the perfect animation of how we forget to live in our light and get lost in the darkness of fear, mistruths and programmes (often from what we’ve been told by others).

These things we’ve heard layer up guilt, shame, fear, self-rejection…until we loose ourselves, we forget our truth.

Our truth: that we are almighty powerful, divine souls, here to have a human experience and master our creative skills.

We came here, into this life, this incarnation, to do what lights us up! To recognise our power as the sovereign conscious creators of our reality.

To bring things from the non-physical into the physical, simply by the power of our focused attention, belief and embodied vibration.

This game we call life IS a frequency game (aka vibes). Our conscious mind oscillating at the frequency of the feeling thoughts we focus on.

But is also a healing game - to bring all our subconscious beliefs and locked trauma energy in our body (which is keeping us stuck in lower vibrational frequencies) back into alignment with our conscious desires and higher truth.

It is a simple game of vibrational excellence.

But that doesn’t make it easy. That's why we're here in this 3D realm, bound by time and its slowness, to really hone our craft as frequency holders, as manifestors, as creators, as healers. To unlock and unpick our enmeshment and attachment to this matrix we incarnated into.

So what does it take to come back to our truth.

Firstly: taking 100% full responsibility of ourselves as the creators of our reality.

It means shifting from complaining, judgement and blame about what is showing up in our reality, to acknowledging that on some level, it is all a reflection of what is going on within us.

It takes a switch – from the external journey to the internal.

The cool thing is, when we take back responsibility for our lives, we also take back our power!

All of the coaching and healing work I do with clients is from the Soul's perspective.

Why? Because that is where lasting change, uplevelling and peace can be activated.

There are so many ways we can empower our Soul and step into our light. Here are 13 of the top that I focus on:

  1. Acknowledge yourself

  2. Accept your whole self

  3. Be grateful for all you have

  4. Forgive yourself

  5. Drop judgement

  6. Heal your inner child/clear trauma

  7. Do what lights you up

  8. Play and have fun

  9. Give yourself permission to say no

  10. Follow your calling

  11. Speak your authentic truth

  12. Keep developing your self-awareness

  13. Allow yourself time simply to be

Interested to begin this inner work or go deeper? Well stay tuned, some realllly exciting announcements coming up next week!

Lots of love


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