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  • Aimee

The Sacred Manifestation Power of Being a Womxn

Embodiment and Magnetism

If you’ve been struggling with the flow and ease of manifestation AND you identify as a womxn…it’s possible you’ve been “doing” it all wrong…

We've forgotten that before we ‘do’ anything, we need to 'become' first!

Our power as women is to embody, emit and magnetise.

To go inward, into the fruitful darkness, releasing and letting go.

Dying to what was, to become what is calling to be birthed through us, as us.

We go inward, to create outwardly.

The last three months I've been mastering this new approach. Doing sooo much less but embodying soooo much more.

Visualising and anchoring the vibration of what I desire.

Feeling and releasing what is no longer in alignment.

Taking more time in silence and pausing.

Pushing is no longer allowed!

Instead I retreat into nature.

Commune with spirit.

Let her guide me, speak through me, heal my wounds of unworthiness.

The result: quantum leap's!

Soul-aligned clients reaching out to me out the blue.

* The masculine energy is electric. It gets up and moves and chases. *

* The feminine energy is to embody, emit and magnetise. *

We can employ both these powers.

Letting go again and again, to open up more space to receive.

Tending to my energy first. Only then, taking inspired action.

The discipline is in the energetic alignment and embodiment. In the daily practice.

My soul's calling is to learn, master, share and teach alignment, integrity and manifestation, through embodiment.

Ready to do it differently? To awaken the lineage of the divine feminine within?

My clients are the intuitives, oracle's and mystics of past lives and they are only just starting to remember their power.

This path is not yet written in the current collective.

It is being forged.

We need support to remind us it's ok to do it differently.

The permission to follow the energy and the alignment, to anchor into body, to surrender to spirit.

To allow sweetness.

To overcome judgement of good/bad, right/wrong and enter into radical acceptance, radical responsibility, radical compassion.

Letting the love-light of spirit and the wisdom of the divine guide our path and our work.

You're not here to do what had already been done.

Their is path encoded in your heart by soul your soul. Follow it.

I am birthing a new way…of the Quantum Soulpreneur. It’s landing so soon!!!


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