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The Story I Haven't Told...Until Now!

As many of you may already know, last year I wrote a book (which is currently with my editor – more to come on that soon so stay tuned!).

It was a book about grief and losing my brother, when I was twenty and he was eighteen. But it was also a book about life, about spiritual awakening, about deep healing and the paths we embark on after loss and trauma to come home to ourselves.

Ultimately, it was the story of my twenties, the wild rollercoaster from my twentieth year right up until the cataclysmic life re-direction that was my Saturn Return (boy did it that crashing through my life as I turned thirty!)

A lot went down in those years of my twenties, and I can’t wait to share with you the ups, the downs! The learnings and the alchemised wisdom that has come from that rollercoaster of a decade.

But what I realise I haven’t really spoken about…up until now, is the last five years since my awakening, the story of the first half my thirties. The past five years of deep inner journeying, exploration, activations and work. Full of wild synchronicities, magical heart healings and more miracles than I can count.

The past five years contain more spiritual growth and inner healing than the rest of my life put together!

And – I think partly because I’d been so “in it” (and still healing from my twenties), that I hadn’t been ready to share it.

But this year it’s shifted.

Last personal year nine for me. For anyone who geeks out numerology (like me), you’ll know that the year nine in numerology is all about the ending of karmic cycles, completion and endings. It is represented in the Tarot as the Hermit card.

Last year I did a lot of wrapping things up, a lot of letting go and processing. The book was the vehicle that enabled me to fully alchemise and heal the gold that came in the form of the challenges I navigated in my twenties.

And now, with that chapter finally completed, I feel ready to stop and recognise who I am here, right now, as I move into the mid-point of my thirties (turning 35 in a few months!)

My Thirties & Master Manifestation!

The past five years can be summarised by one statement made by a very good psychic medium during a reading I had this Monday…

I love to have readings at the start of the year, especially by super tapped in psychic mediums (I always find their higher spiritual connection enables the vantage point to illuminate any blind spots you might have and re-align you with the bigger vision your Soul is wanting for you).

Halfway through our all, our conversation went something like this:

“What am I missing?” I asked

“Where are you living right now?” He asked

“On the south coast of Turkey…” I answered

[…in the dream apartment I manifested, south facing, looking directly at the Mediterranean Sea, stunning mountains behind. Living with a gorgeous, adopted dog and cat (also manifested). Living a wildly free life, working a few hours each day, between time spent adventuring along the coast, swimming in the sea, teaching yoga in an ancient amphitheatre. Enjoying the magic of living on a stretch of coastline, known for thousands of years as “the land of light” because of the crystal quartz the lies underneath the topsoil in this specific spot.]

“RIGHT?!!” He responded – as though reading my mind and seeing the view of the sea from my desk through my mind’s eye (clairvoyant to a tee!)

I laughed sheepishly (it wasn’t the first or last time this would happen during the call).

The irony was not lost on me.

What he was saying in that one exclamation comment [RIGHT?!!] was this: you’ve come so far, you absolutely fucking done it already. You’ve created the freedom in life that you were only dreaming about in your twenties. You’ve got what sooo many people are searching for and wanting.

Somehow, in between all my inner work, I’d missed it… Just how far I’d come since the start of my thirites. My 29/30 year old self was deeply hurting (in an emotionally abusive relationship), people pleasing, co-dependant, corporately bound, externally striving and burning herself out for success whilst not really liking herself all that much.

RIGHT now, I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say I really love who I am and who I am becoming.

I feel proud to say I have created:

✨Time freedom

✨Location freedom

✨Growing financial freedom


✨Freedom of expression

✨Spiritual freedom

And an incredible quality of life!!

I’ve been so focused forward, I’d been feeling like I’d done something wrong because I haven’t *yet* manifest the financial wealth (millionaire vibes incoming in the next five years!) or the ‘forever’ relationship I’m moving towards (I had to heal my co-dependancy and learn to love myself first).

What he was trying to show me was I’ve actually already created sooo much!

Sometimes, it’s the things we live out day to day in our own lives that we miss.

This lovely man took another look at me and said:

“You’re here to teach about manifestation, to raise people up to be super high-vibe.”

He wanted me to see what I had already created and achieved for myself

He went on to say “You’re meant to be channelling the spiritual wisdom you’ve already got access to, like Esther Hicks.” Fuck I thought, that feels big. And whilst I’m not there yet with my channelling (which honestly feels a tad intimidating), one thing I am willing to acknowledge, recognise, accept and begin to share is that I am a master manifester.

Looking back over the past few years I have been practicing and getting better at working with the Law of Attraction (along with other spiritual laws) to manifest things that that should not have been possible for me and made no logical sense.

Here’s a list of stuff I’ve manifest so far in my thirties 💫

1. Meeting the Dalai Lama (despite it being mid-winter season when he usually does not give public appearances).

2. A place on a sold-out Yoga teacher training (days before it began when it is usually booked out months in advance).

3. A yoga job waiting for me in the UK before I’d finished my teacher training in India!

4. A scholarship to a wildly prominent spiritual teachers high-ticket three day event in NYC (when scholarships didn’t actually exist – she literally made one for me).

5. A ridiculously cheap flight and wonderful new friend to share a plush hotel with for said NYC event!

6. Ten people to attend my first weeklong retreat abroad, only a few months into starting my business (wildly ambitious for how early on in my business this was – but I believed!)

7. A lover and business partner to start my eco-product business

8. Job opportunities to teach at the most prestigious studios in my first years of teaching yoga.

9. The perfect apartment in Manchester (in my ideal location, with a cinema and which allowed pets!!)

10. The perfect mentor to help me breakthrough to my Soul’s path (who helped me clear and heal more trauma in 6months than I think I will do in the rest of my life – also absolute soul family recognition).

11. A dream apartment in Turkey despite it being mid-season when there is normally no long-term rentals available (with super affordable rent and furnishings that looked as though I had hand-picked them – even the walls were painted my soul colours!)

12.My soul-aligned clients for each stage of my first year in coaching.

13.The exact amount of £££ on my vision board for the first quarter in 2021.

Whilst I might not *yet* have hit the all the big goals I know I’ll reach soon, I think it is about time to acknowledge how far I have already come!

I say this not to brag, but to remind you that YOU ARE THE VERY POWERFUL CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE!

There is nothing that is not available or possible for you – with the universe at your back!

My invitation to you is to write your own list of your amazing manifestations.

And if this is all new to you – head to the link in my bio and download my free Ebook “The 13 Conscious Co-Creation” which teaches you how to work with the Law of Attraction and other spiritual laws to co-create a life you love with the universe!

And please note – if I can manifest these things (overcoming the hot mess of self-doubts, strong inner critic and overthinking that is part of my patterns) then so can you!

I’d love to hear from you on what you’ve manifest or what you’re in the process of manifesting!!

A wave of love to you


P.s. My manifestation list shows the many twists and turns of exploration in the first few years of my business (Human Design Manifesting Generator to a tee!) before I arrived at my forever love of spiritual and intuitive coaching, teaching, writing and mentoring! I hope it serves as a total permission slip to EXPLORE along your path and purpose as you expand and grow! X


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