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The Technology of Transformation

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If you’re like me and you keep a check on what’s happening in the collective energy, you may have noticed that one of themes over this summer is that of healing. For those on the healer’s path of awakening, we find ourselves back in the goo of the chrysalis, growing bigger wings!

It feels counter-intuitive – the world is open again, it’s the full bloom of summer *and yet* the energy of the void remains.

“Eugh!” I hear you cry. And I get it. Perhaps you feel more ready than ever to finally expand your wings and fly...but some things are still re-arranging within.

I want to reassure you. You are preparing for what is to come (and become through you).

Why the void? Why more ‘waiting’?

Well…lets start with some premises for context that are the foundation I work from:

1. “Everything is happening for our greatest good.”

[Mixed with my second favourite way of searching for the 5D truth – which is:]

2. What is the big picture context? Zoom wayy out.


3. To zoom right in and look for the paradox within the specific situation.

– let me explain what I mean:


We each came here to create – as conscious co-creators with the vast intelligence of the universe/spirit. To dream and build castles in the sky before birthing them into the world.

We must envision the world healed and born anew.

But in order to bring it into being, we must learn to live the truth of these frequencies within our own being.

We must be healed and born anew.

Because “as within, so without” – as we be-come the change we wish to see in the world.


The paradox however is, that it order to create and receive outwardly, we must first go deeper inward, bringing more light into all old areas of darkness - learning to anchor in this new way of being.

We must dissolve, deconstruct and detach from all that is not aligned with our true being – as love, as sparks of divine consciousness, as our higher self.

[- Thus the 'goo' chrysalis stage]


Being in this void of inner transformation isn’t always can often feel like/or be the very real experience of things being ripped away/challenges coming to the surface.

There is a call during these times for our own presence and attunement to the emotions arising within. Without us yet feeling sense of solid ground below our feet. We have left one way of being but have not yet landed in the new way.

For many of us it brings up old patterns that we have have kept busy to avoid engaging with. Learning to alchemise through loving awareness and acknowledgement some of these denser vibrations can be challenging as we can often get stuck in them.

Let me give you an example. Deep within my psyche – (a mix of collective, past lives, childhood and ancestral) – was an energy of scarcity. I have always stayed busy enough to ensure I “made sure” I had enough. But this deeply buried energy remained a barrier between my ability to fully trust that the universe would always provide for me and look after me. That source would meet all my needs and that I would have enough.

“That which you are concerned about, holds you in the box of concern.
That which you are afraid of, holds you in the box of fear.
That which you partially believe in, holds you back from total belief.”


So, whilst my conscious mind trusted and had faith in the universe having my back, parts of this energy kept me clinging on to the hustle and safety nets.

It was hidden from sight and it wasn’t until I got covid and wasn’t able to work that I came face to face with it. My journey to healing it was surrender to feeling it all (the anxiety, the waves of terror, the panic and fear) whilst and allowing myself to surrender and be open to support coming to me, without knowing the ‘how.’ I was no longer able to maintain my control - but this place of "out of control" was a blessing.

The result – a deep healing and dissolving of scarcity from my psyche making room for the new...prosperity consciousness to anchor in.


The first of creation [of the new - a re-birth] is often destruction [of the old - a death]

This “clearing out” was required before I could install a new programme into my mind and being – one of prosperity.

In order to receive we must create space – and this can apply to physical spaces, digital spaces, emotional and energetic spaces, within us just as much as it can apply in our environment.

So my question to you right now is:

What would you release from your being if you knew you were powerful enough in each moment to be born anew? Powerful enough to command a new way of being, free of old patterns?

(You can take this even further and explore your home, your digital spaces, and clear out anything that no longer feels aligned with who you are becoming and the joy and ease you wish to live, and clear it out!)


After engaging with these old energies, in the processing the clearing out of the old, we must be careful not to get stuck in their spell – in the momentum of vibrational escrow that they have built up.

We must become the alchemists!

We become the alchemists by moving from being the witness (who observes and is present with loving awareness, acknowledging through attunement) to being the creator of the new. But first we have to shift the energy of the old.

On our computers it can mean deleting old files. In our homes taking out the rubbish or giving away old clothes or items we no longer use of love.

And when it comes to the energy within our body, it is no different - we need to move that energy up and out.

This is where I find it so helpful to MOVE – MOVE YOUR BODY. It doesn’t matter how.

Bounce on your rebounder, do a HIIT class, freedance to your favourite song, do some yoga, take a run or a brisk walk.

For me – getting outside into nature to move brings a special magical medicine.


After you've shifted that energy out and created some space, then comes the fun part!

You're soul programmed you with your heart's desires. Now is the time to tap into what you want next:

1. What you want to be?

2. What you to have?

3. What you want to do?

Caveat: for some of us this can be challenging because we have all these hang-ups around what it means to ask for what we want (no it doesn’t make you selfish, greedy or a bad person to admit to what you want). Or, if we’ve suffered disappointments in the past – we may even feel resistance to connecting to our desire, fearing that same disappointment. It’s okay, that’s total normal, you’re human. Come back to neutral by honouring the disappointment and speaking sweetly to yourself saying words like “if you’ve had/created/achieved it before, you can do it again.”

Brainstorm all the desires you have - perhaps through visualisation, maybe even whilst moving your body, or by using words and feelings - as below:


This is where the “POWER OF THE RIFF”

If you are struggling to connect to the feelings of desire, if old patterns of fear, unworthiness or anything else are coming up, we need to find a new reset point. That reset point is gratitude.

Step 1. An attitude of gratitude

Begin to write down all the things you are grateful for, note down the feeling the each one brings you.

Then continue that list into saying thank you for all the things you desire to have. But write them all in the present tense as though you already have them.

Add in how having/being/doing these things makes you feel and really breathe these feelings into your body. Notice as your vibration begins to rise and expand.

Step 2. Speak it out loud

Read this list out loud, weaving it into the fabric of your reality as the conscious creator you are.

Living the feelings in the now of already having what you desire to be/do or have.

Step 3. Record it and use as your own meditation/affirmation riff daily

You can take this even further by recording yourself speaking this riff out loud (or if you’re not one for writing, you can even start with this step).

The bonus is, you can re-listen to this whenever you feel yourself in need of a boost. Listening to it regularly (a few times a day) will also begin to re-programme your subconscious mind. It will be especially effective and potent if you listen to it as you wake up and before you go to sleep (when we are sleepy, we shift from beta into alpha brain wave states, where the subconscious is more open absorbing the information).

So there you have it – how to use the power of your words to re-programme your subconscious and create a life you love, feeling good first! Whilst navigating the destructive energies of the void and being reborn anew.

Interested to kick-start your own transformational journey to create a life you love, aligned with your Soul's power and purpose? Book a free discovery call with me today to find out the ways I can help support you.


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