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What if... you already know, have and are enough to make your dreams a reality?

The only thing missing... is believing that!

1. A Teachable Manifestation Moment

They say that if you want to master something – teach it. And like all things we teach, we continue to lead ourselves first along the path.

I know part of my dharma is to awaken people to their power as the conscious creators of their lives, as Soul’s having a human experience. Part of that process is to unearth what is unconscious and has been creating the parts of their lives that they don’t like. I use their Soul’s plan and Human design to help them navigate this. Ultimately, it’s Soul Transformation work that I came here to do.

The other part of my dharma is to help people learn the art and science of manifestation.

It’s something my Soul wanted to get really good at in this life. And so of course, I set myself the perfect combination of experiences that would create deep rooted fears in my own subconscious about my ability and power to manifest. It’s all part of this game of life.

Some manifestations (those I have little attachment to) happen far easier than others. Some come out skewed by the remanent of attachments to past hurts or fears. And others get straight up sabotaged by my ego’s defence mechanisms, before they make it anywhere!

I am so grateful for the plethora of these experiences, because it teaches me everything I need to know to help you and to master the art and science of manifestation! And what is more empowering that becoming the conscious co-creator of a life and business you love!

2. Traversing the Void

What I learnt this week was no different in its teachable value and so I wanted to share it with you. Because this lesson is a fucking powerful tonic when you are traversing the terrain of ‘the void’

[The void – the space between aligned your thoughts, feelings and actions – and seeing your manifestations come to fruition in the physical].

It is in this ‘void’ that the becoming is happening. It is in this ‘void’ that the initiations are underway. It is in this ‘void’ that we descend into our shadows to reclaim parts of ourselves. It is in this ‘void’ that we lead ourselves through the valleys of doubts, self-criticism, fear and anxiety.

This is truly the hero’s/heroine’s path and (like I said last week) it really isn’t for those faint of heart!

It’s in this void that the ego mind is our biggest enemy. But beware - it often feels and sounds to us, like our greatest friend and protector!

It’s role – to keep us where we are: seemingly “safe” but also most definitely stuck!

3. The bigger the goal, the more intense the leap

The bigger the manifestation goal, the bigger the quantum leap, the more intense the inner work/the processing/the reclaiming/the resistance is likely to be.

My Soul decided growth was its focus for this life (as I had confirmed in my Michael Chart Reading). I’d always felt that I’d chosen the fast rollercoaster for this life, ambitiously quantum leaping spiritual levels. I genuinely do also LOOOVE rollercoasters…which is no surprise.

I also know I wouldn’t have gone through so many challenges if my Soul hadn’t have been desiring wild growth. Because, as we know, every challenge is an opportunity for growth. [The depth of this I share in my vulnerable and raw upcoming book “Cracked Open” – more coming on that real soon].

4. Walking the valley of shadows

For me, this looked like a week of *intense* fears bubbling up as I get closer to manifesting my next level. Past versions of myself petrified to go through the same traumatising and disempowering experiences that I have experienced in my past. Memories bubbling back up, triggering the ego to try and tighten its grip to control and protect me. Witnessing the desire to grasp to find safety and guidance outside of myself.

It was all so divinely timed with some of the focus areas of containers I was in this week. One focusing on the topic self-sabotage, the other on the Splenic Human Design centre – the centre for fear and faith!

I dug deep. What was calling for my attention was parts that needed to be felt, seen, embraced and released.

· The thirty-year-old me who lost it all as a result of emotional abuse and family pressures: the job, the apartment, the relationship, the six-figure salary.

· The version of me who gave her power away through not trusting herself in subtle, pivotal moments. Which resulted in powerful but painful lessons.

· The super young versions of me that felt unsafe being seen in their power and so chose to dim their light to receive love by helping and supporting others first.

· The version of me the suffered harsh consequences of shame as a result of carefree abandonment and fun causing me to shut-down that part of me in free flow.

5. Leadership means leading ourselves first

I had heard the call to step up into leadership, into more. I had answered, it felt exciting and expansive. And I knew it would come with what needed to be held through the process.

And whilst reclaiming the abandoned, hurt and disempowered parts of ourselves through the process is crucial (feeling the feelings, and healing with the feminine) and releasing the outdated beliefs we adopted to try and stay safe/get love…this is truly only half of the equation.

The other half is to re-align with who we are choosing to be now. Placing firm non-negotiable stakes in the ground for who we decide to be moving forward. These are our reasons why, our non-negotiable new beliefs and agreements with ourselves.

They are the lights that guide us through the valleys of our inner darkness. They are what create inner stability in the freefall of outer uncertainty. They are our new anchors and our quantum power.

6. You weren’t meant to do it alone

As we tell our mind regularly these new principles we get to live by, we combine it with creating safety in the body, regulating the nervous system and anchoring deeper into love.

We stay present with ourselves and what we need. Calling on support as it is required from those we trust – safe friends, mentors, coaches and guides (human and spiritual).

7. Grief is often part of the process

Don’t be surprised if this process can feel like a grieving process.

A death is taking place. A death of who you used to be. A death of old beliefs you no longer ascribe to. A death of another layer of your ego that’s been trying to keep you safe but has actually been keeping you stuck in a reality you’re outgrowing.

It’s easy to manifest the stuff that we’re not attached to. It’s easy to manifest the stuff that feels safe.

The real flex is manifesting the stuff that (as a result of past experiences) feels like a direct threat to our safety, past (false) identitys or sense of self.

8. It’s all choice

I know I choose the perfectly challenging experiences in this life to create deep and subtle beliefs that would make manifesting my dream life a *whole mastery* in and of itself.

1. So I could learn the intricacies and become a way better manifestation teacher for my community and everyone reading this.

2. Because truly, the further we experience one side of the pendulum (the challenge/shadow/darkness) the further we will experience it’s opposite (the opportunity/light/joy)

3. And, the manifestation, the overcoming, the realisation of desires will feel all the sweeter because of having experienced the contrast.

So, I share this today, feeling a little emotional, because I know how real the fear can be as you reach for what you truly want. I *know* what it is to feel anxiety like a brick wall between where you are and where you want to be, how engulfing it can be – even with *all* the regulation tools.

And I also know that when you are brave enough to descend into the feelings. When you are courageous enough to reach for new beliefs and principles to light your way forward and when you make bets and take steps as that person:

Then, the whole universe is behind you.

Because you chose to LEAP!

I write this today for you and for me.

And I want to share with you the message I reached from a spiritual business mentor of mine (paraphrased). He said:

“Aimee, you know enough and you’ve done enough to reach your goal. You’ve got the awareness as you acknowledge all the old parts/feelings/fears as they arise, reclaiming them.

But there is the only way to make it through the void, and that is with new principles in place. Revisit them daily. Multiple times. Hold firm to these new empowered principles. And then fuck it - bee totally detached from the outcome.”

I know this stuff. I teach this stuff. But the mind is sneaky and sometimes we can all benefit from being reminded, so this is my reminder to you today.

Everything you want is already yours in the quantum.

Everything you’re creating will work.

Everything you’re desiring you will receive.

Choose it.

Claim it.

Re-create your reality how you want to see and experience it!

Stay in faith. Surrender the fear and the doubt to the angels/universe and hold firm to new empowering principles that you choose to live by from here on out.

9. An invitation to LEAP!

I invite you to write out five new principles to live by *as the person you desire to be/who has what you want.*

And I’d love to hear from you what those are as you land on them!

Feeling like you need some support traversing the void?

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