Grab your very own Beloved Bottle today! We take ours everywhere with us :) We love being able to be proud of our choices and celebrate being part of the movement toward a plastic-free future. Plus, this bottle in particular is just so darn pretty ;) 


This superior 500ml stainless steel re-usable water bottle is a simple solution to enable you to say no to single-use plastic water bottles.


This Beloved Company logo is lazer-etched on one side of the bottle. This logo is a combination of the powerful Sri Yantra and Seed of Life, both symbols scared geomtery that underpin all of creation. Looking at these symbols helps to remind us of the interconnectedness of life. 


On the other side "The Beloved Company - bringing you back to balance." May this remind you how beloved you are and how balance and well-being is your natural state. 


This bottle was created in joyful partnership between Aimee and RAW Limited, a small UK based company focused on eliminating single-use plastic within our communities and events.


A little bit of life alchemy from me to you.



Aimée x

Stainless Steel Bottle

  • Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water and rinse before use.

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Photography by @elizabethstreeter