For Soul-led Entrepreneurial Women

Do what lights you up

so you can shine bright for others!

Let me ask you…


Are you craving a safe, heart-open, soulful space where you have permission to do things differently – to do things your way. Outside of all boxes!


I firmly believe that our business is a reflection of us!


A mirror to who we’ve been being.


Following our soul’s path in business is the most rewarding but also can be a challenging path.


Because we must first clear, heal and embody in ourselves what it is that we are here to share.


It’s an inside out job!!


That is why I created Soulpreneur Strategists to help you navigate the inner work necessary for an aligned, prosperous and impactful business!

This is that space.


  • We let the intuitive feminine lead first, we are tapped in and grounded.

  • We know all magical manifestation happens as an inside-out job.

  • So we work from seeing and feeling into the quantum first.

  • Aligning our energy, thoughts, words and actions to these soul-visions.

  • As our greater vision leads us, prosperity and abundance abounds.

  • We fill ourselves up by coming together, leading to overflow in our businesses.


Principles of our meetings

Joy, truth, connection, love, acceptance and balance


Qualities of a Soulpreneur

Aligned, unique, radiant, generous, balanced, prosperous

Is this you?


Maybe you are a coach, therapist, mentor, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, spiritual teacher, breathworker, energyworker, creative, lightworker, visionary or wayshower.


You’ve stepped bolding into your purpose of doing what lights you up and fulfils your soul and you’re sharing those gifts and talents with others.


But it’s been tough!

Perhaps you struggle with...


  1. Staying in a positive and in an abundant possibility mindset

  2. Getting in your own way with self-doubt, sabotage and resistance showing up

  3. Consistently showing up confidently, especially after challenges

  4. Not feeling understood and supported by family members

  5. Struggling to fully trust your own inner guidance

  6. Truly accepting your needs to do it your own unique way

  7. Bringing your whole self to your offering

  8. How best to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurism

  9. Building rituals that keep you connected, aligned and grounded 

  10. Developing your own processes for self-healing

  11. Feeling confident in your decisions

  12. Staying connected to and inspired by your vision 

  13. How to bounce back from criticism 

I hear you!

Maybe you just need a little...

  1. Support with clarity on your next steps

  2. A safe space with heart-led womxn to share

  3. Want to better understand and build tools to stay in alignment

  4. Want to work on the energetics but don’t know-how

Why join?


I created Soulpreneur Strategists as an energetic container that would hold and support us in love.


From this place, anything is possible.


Giving you the support, transformation & tools you need to succeed.


Succeed in a way aligned to your highest path for the wellbeing of all.


  • We supercharge your goals and desires energetically and collectively (using a powerful process called the healing hotseat!)


  • We meet in a safe, non-judgemental, heart-open space where we can bring our challenges, fears, worries, doubts and alchemize them – so we can leave feeling more calm, confident, and renewed in our own faith in ourselves and our path.

What does it mean to be a Soulpreneur 


A Soulpreneur, is a soul-led entrepreneur who is committed to doing what lights them up to shine bright for others!


The name ‘Soulpreneur Strategist’ is a bit of an inside joke --- in that the Soul’s strategy is often to not reveal everything at once! Often times we are only shown the next right step. We have to make the leap with faith, before the next is revealed.


Other times, we download a 10 year vision and have to wait patiently to get the nudge as to when is the right time to birth each aspect.


What I do know is, the more we can SURRENDER to WHAT IS ALIVE IN US, following DIVINE INSPIRATION, our JOY, FUN and PLEASURE…passion follows and the action we take is aligned.


When we follow the path of the Soul we are fast-tracked. It’s like taking the motorway as opposed to turning off down a single track lane, stuck behind a tractor!


Our inner saboteurs know us so well and are very sneaky about how to get us to deviate away from our Souls ‘motorway’. We can get taken off down detours of procrastination, negative self talk, perfectionism, hypervigilance/hyperachieving, gripping or resisting in all sorts of ways!


Equally, the noise, distractions, chaos, aggression, fear and general overwhelm of the outside world and collective can make it incredibly distracting to stay on track, if we don’t have the practices we need to stay in balance and our own energy.


Staying on track is SO much easier WHEN WE COME TOGETHER with like-minded souls.


It STRENGTHENS us, it NURTURES us, it NOURISHS our soul and gives us what we need to KEEP GOING


When we come together in a space we feel we BELONG, we can relax.


When we relax -- we can have fun.

When we relax -- we can create.

When we relax -- we can receive inspiration and clarity.

When we relax -- we can heal

When we relax -- we come back to balance.

When we relax – we can exhale, let go and release.


When we release resistance, we can receive.

When we feel good, we magnetise to us more ‘good feeling’ experiences

When we feel good, we are grateful…and we draw even more abundance and goodness to us!!


This is virtuous cycle we create in this container.




It is also a place of LEARNING and GROWING.

This is why we blend

counselling, coaching & training

in a container that gives you:

Healing 💕 Community 💕 Clarity 💕 Confidence 💕Support 💕 Alignment 💕 Energy refuelling 💕Learning


Every fortnight we meet in a sacred online space. The 90-120min call guides the group through:

  1. A guided meditation/healing journey

  2. A sharing space for each member

  3. Coaching on a theme for the fortnight

  4. The healing hotseat- to energetically supercharge one person’s goal


The coaching questions from the last cohort’s fortnightly calls are also available for members, with topics including:


  • Vibrational alignment

  • Building self-belief

  • Alchemising resistance

  • Making our highest contribution

  • Rooting down to rise up

  • Energetic maintenance

  • Mid-year check-in: self-sovereignty

  • What are you growing in your (business) garden?

  • Aligning with the next level you

  • Archetypes, saboteurs and the path of self-empowerment


We also regularly host a guest speaker interview. These interviews are of successful women living their Soul’s Purpose and Power. We delve into topics like Womb healing, Money Consciousness, Self-acceptance, Self-empowerment etc.

You can check these out as they get released on my podcast later.

About me, your Coach 


Hey you!

I'm so glad you're here! My name is Aimee and I'm a Life and Business Coach and Mentor, providing support, guidance and teaching on all things wellbeing, spiritual and empowerment related.


I'm here to help you breakthrough your blocks of stuckness, doubt and over-doing. To come back into alignment with your purpose and power.

From here, I support your journey to consciously create a life and business you love, with ease and flow. Restoring your faith and excitement. So you can do what lights you up so you can shine bright for others.

Are you ready to receive the abundance, freedom and fulfilment that is your birthright?


“I’ve been working with Aimee as a Soulpreneur Strategist, and she holds space beautifully for a group of incredible people to really tune in to what soul desires, without the overlying bs that we’re conditioned to think we want.” 

Soul Strategy Deep Dive “I’d been going back and forth on business ideas and direction for a while (really, quite a while). My soul strategy deep dive with Aimee clarified everything for me, at a soul deep level. It wiped away the fears, the doubt and the bs and left me with complete clarity. It was honestly one of the most beautiful sessions I’ve ever had with another human, and I’ve had a few!!”



What time are the fortnightly calls?

12-1.30pm the first and third Tuesday every month


What if I can’t make a call?

Do not fear! All replays and coaching worksheets are uploaded onto the members area for you to access whenever works for you


Do I need to have done any energy work or be spiritual to join?

No, all I ask if that you come with an open mind and heart