The Beloved Company is a platform for a growing tribe of inspirational humans who bring their light, expertise and passion to benefit you through the services we offer and the products we create.


Introducing the brilliant and beautiful dream team:


  • Aimee: Founder, retreat host & yogi, conscious life coach, eco-product creator and spirit junkie.

  • Pippa: Nutritional therapist, a guru in raw plant-based living and self-healing, co-creator of Beloved Eco-products and dazzling partner in crime.

  • Biz: Photographer extraordinaire, wildlife enthusiast and sustainability activist.

  • Kristy and Melih: Insanely talented chefs, specialising in delicious planet-based gourmet meals. Hydroponic enthusiasts, creators of the best ancient grain sourdough vegan pizza, serious dog lovers and amazing huggers.

  • Andrea & Hakan: Magical healers & experienced therapists, specialising in massage, acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, Chinese medicine, cupping and dermatology. Parents to a wonderful toddler Bodhi, angelic space holders.

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Andrea qualified with Distinction in Acupuncture and Tui Na Therapeutic massage at the Body Harmonics Centrein Cheltenham. She also studied micro-systems - Facial, Scalp and Auricular at the The Yuan College - London, and after finishing her UK training she then furthered her studies at The Academy of Chinese Medical Sciencesin Beijing.


She had worked in the Beauty Industry for almost 20 years when she decided to add to her expertise and follow her interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and thus began her studies. Her expertise in make-up and skin care is complemented by her training in alternative therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy, as well as her passion for Acupuncture and The Healing Arts.

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Hakan’s journey into healing began over 20 years ago when he was called to study Reiki. Before that he was a tour guide, spending time in Turkey’s beautiful nature.

The introduction to Reiki started an exploration into holistic healing that led him later to India, where he broadened his energy healing to other studies in Reflexology and Aqua Reflexology. 


On his return to Turkey he was amazed by the results Reflexology had on his own mother and so he continued to deepen his expanding healing practice in Kas.


Over the years Hakan has decided to delve deeper into other healing modalities, studying traditional massage as well as more spiritual healings, including the ‘Oneness Blessing’ healings. He has studied in Turkey, China and the UK.

His passion continues to drive an endless learning - the eternal student - into esoteric philosophies, spiritual growth and healing, including Kundalini yoga. He is happiest when immersed in nature and when using his hands as a carpenter creating beautiful woodwork.



Aimee is a conscious life coach, sustainability specialist and yoga teacher.


She utilises the science of spirituality and sustainability to help guide and empower you to live your most conscious and joyful life. Combining art, yogic science, psychology, relaxation techniques and ritual buildings to enable people to follow the calling of their soul and regain their inner harmony.


She uses simple "life-hack" tools and proven scientific methods to make it easier to live in balance, alignment and harmony in yourself and with the world.


After seven years of experience in the corporate sustainability space she felt that without an increase in an individual’s personal awareness and sense of responsibility, large scale change remained limited and superficial.

She now works to empower others to do what lights them up, helping them to regain their own power and sense of responsibility and realize their profound connection to each other and our planet. 

She has a deep reverence for the uniqueness of every person and their own evolution speed and processes.

She builds personalised rituals and tailored practices that best suit each individual, holding space for their highest self.




Pippa is a Nutritional Therapist, eco-product co-creator and sustainable living enthusiast.


It all began with her own journey of self-healing, following a severe diagnosis and lifelong weight issues. This challenging period led her to discover the power of food and diet in eliminating disease and restoring wellbeing, balance and harmony back within the body.


She now shares her experience, knowledge and dedication by empowering others to transform their lifestyles and improve their overall health, wellbeing and happiness, through the power of nutrition.


In addition to consciously choosing what we put in our bodies, Pippa is also passionate about the quality and integrity of what products we put on our bodies. After struggling to find beauty care products that suited her vegan, natural, 'no plastic' way of living and her sensitive skin, she began to develop eco-products for her own use in 2015. After family and friends began using and loving the products, she decided to share the range more widely and so Beloved eco-products was born. Driven by a passion for our planet and with a background in chemistry, she has perfected a range that is as luxurious as it is effective.


Pippa is skilled at finding simple, effective and beautiful solutions to enable others to enjoy their lives to the fullest – caring for themselves whilst caring for the planet.





After working in corporate banking for 10 years in London and having achieved all the goals she had set herself in her early 20’s she found she still didn’t feel fulfilled and her soul required more than the Corporate world. 


In 2014 she sold all she had accumulated and packed herself and two dogs in an old VW Passat and set off for Turkey through Europe, on a road trip with no real plans for the future. 


Having met Melih within two weeks of   Moving to Kaş she quickly got involved in managing the front-of-house for the restaurant and continued to develop the restaurant for 4 years before they set-up their in-villa catering service.





After completing his degree in philosophy Melih decided he wanted to hone his creative skills in the kitchen. He went on to train as a professional chef at the MSA culinary school in Istanbul.

Renowned as the best culinary school in Turkey. This led to an apprenticeship at the exclusive Chalai restaurant in Istanbul where he progressed to work for several years as a chef de parti mentored by Hazer Amani who is a well-known celebrity chef in Turkey. 


Eventually Melih decided to leave Istanbul to set up his own restaurant in Kaş. Which was a successful trip advisor number one for 5 years. 


He now runs ‘Retro bistro home’ - in-villa private chef work, catering as well as vegan deserts to several restaurants in Kaş. Operating from their village home in the mountains behind kaş. 




film maker

Photographer and filmmaker based in the UK with a passion for the natural world. Elizabeth uses her creativity for purpose working with charities and organisations she believes in.