The Lungi Dress

This little capsule collection was bourne out of a mad idea I had when in Goa, India. I have always loved and collected indigenous textiles from the cultures of the countries I have visited. I am a minimalist, partly by nature and partly by design and I am proud to say that all my belongings fit into two suitcases and two big boxes. But sneakily hidden away in my mum's laundry cupboard is a collection of material just waiting to be made into beautiful accessories and clothes to share with the world.


This is the first of hopefully many of these project. The design for this dress was copied from my all-time favourite beach/pool dress and made using the traditional South Indian men's sarong or "Lungi" as they call it. What I love the most about this material is the ornate embroidery along the edge and the fantastic pattern which makes each so individual, making a perfect trim for the sleeves. The dress material is also made from pure light-weight cotton which is breathable and ideal for humid and hot holiday conditions. 


And last, but not least, you can be sure that no-one else in the world will be wearing the same dress as you as each item is a unique and handmade (by one fiery Punjabi tailor).


I hope you enjoy wearing yours as much as I loved designing them. Thank you for joining the revolution against fast fashion by joining the conscious consumer collective today and celebrating the 'use' rather than just the 'purchase' of an item. I'm a big advocate for slow fashion, and connecting to the story behind the threads we wear.


Made with love


Aimee x