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VIP Quantum Soulpreneur

For the soul-led femme entrepreneur

Lets quantum leap to the next level of their life & business!

The most aligned way to skyrocket your business

QS 001 B V3.jpg

Allowing the feminine to come first!


(Re-balancing with the masculine)


Change the way you work so you can learn to be in alignment and feel the joy in your business


Moving from to frustrated, insecure & uncleaR


to confident, calm & in-flow.


Letting joy lead the way at each stage x

Over the course of 4 months, I will lead you to where you are receiving the


next level of abundance, prosperity & peace

that your Soul is calling you towards.

It's already here, it's already waiting for you to align with it!

Changing HOW you work


Learning what it means and feels like to stay in


alignment for your soul’s


service, mission & offering


Whilst feeling LIT-UP and joyful in the process


Expanding your container to


receive more than ever before

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So let me ask you beautiful…


Maybe you’ve been in business for a while, following your soul’s calling, living your purpose


but somehow all those ways of working you hoped to leave behind have come with you…all the struggle, hustle, grind, fear, anxiety and low self-esteem.


You find yourself in a bit of a dip, feeling insecure and unclear. Shaken by the past year and struggling to feel connected to your passion


You’re tired, you’ve been giving everything (overgiving) and not getting the money and response you’ve hoped. You feel dissatisfied.

Symbol M.png

You know there is more.


And more importantly, your SOUL'S CALLING YOU TOWARDS MORE




But here’s the challenge – something we have to learn to LEAP before we realise we can fly!


This investment in yourself IS that leap.


And I get it – I’ve been there – investing in the future you before the present you feels ready or able.


I know the gripping, the tension and tightness of the ego that says “no it’s not safe – stay here in the place of what we know”


Because what you know always wins over the fear of what you don’t to our ego.


Trying to keep us safe – outdated programming trying to keep us alive.


But here’s the mad thing – this isn’t how the new world is operating, this is not how the quantum works, this isn’t how 5D works.


In *THAT* place – we have to align before we see the results. We have to leap before we feel ready.


And THEN the universe can meet us half way.

So, the question is: Are you ready to Leap?

To that next level of impact, prosperity, and JOY?


The Quantum Soulpreneur is ready to go on a quantum, soul-led transformational journey, activating their divine feminine powers, unlocking their innate soul gifts, and catalysing deep healing of what stands in your way.


We’ll use the feminine to skyrocket your business


Changing the way you work, so alignment and flow lead.

The Quantum Soulpreneur 

  • Is ready to feel confident, clear, joyful, at peace and in flow in their business?


  • Is ready to make back their investment 3 times over?


  • Is ready for pleasure, expansion, bliss and connection at levels you’ve never experienced before?

I am the vessel, and you are the sovereign recipient of this magnificent uplevelling.


This is a VIP container with limited space and availability.


The doors open to 8 women only starting October 2021


This is a VIP bespoke hybrid programme tailored for you


Channeling direct from your soul!

Why now?

Queen, right now, more than ever, the world needs you in your power.


We need you shining bright to light the way for others.


Now is the time, this is what you came for. T


his is what you are ready for.


All those challenges, all those initiations, all that learning that you’ve been through – all that wisdom you now embody…it was preparing you to step up and serve at a whole new level.


You’re ready to embody the glory and majesty of your soul for the service of collective liberation. Bringing the light of your love through with the potent magic and flavour that is unique soully to you!



Dammmmmn, I get soooo excited

thinking of all the incredible, divine potential within you waiting to be fully switched on!


Bringing you into balance, into alignment, flow and FULL POWER

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So here's how we do it:

QS 001 A V3.jpg

The How

Stage 1. Activate 1:1 Soul Plan Reading, Healing and Channeled message

Stage 2. Download 1:1 Quantum Soul Strategy Deep Dive

Stage 3. Clear 1:1 Experiential Healing to clear your blocks

Stage 4. Align 1:1 Soul Transformation Therapy & Soul Coaching

Stage 5. Embody 8 Bi-weekly Core Trainings and Group Coaching Calls

Stage 6. Receive  Share your upgraded offer & make back your investment with interest!

You’ll be seeded in this:

QS 002 V2.jpg

You’ll SKYROCKET to where your SOUL is wanting to take you!


And I will personally be leading you through your 1:1 Skyrocket Package


Over 10 hours of deep, channeled 1:1 work, communing with YOUR SOUL!


QS 003 A V3.jpg

About me, your Coach 


Hey you!


I'm so glad you're here! My name is Aimee and I’m a Soul Strategist, Intuitive Business Mentor and Conscious Life Coach. I'm also a Soul Transformation Therapist and Experiential Healing Practioner.


I'm here to help you breakthrough your blocks of stuckness, doubt and over-doing. To come back into alignment with your Soul's purpose, power and, most importantly, joy. 

From here, I support your journey to consciously create a life and business you love, with ease and flow. Restoring your faith and excitement. So you can do what lights you up so you can shine bright for others.

Are you ready to receive the abundance, freedom and fulfilment that is your birthright?

"Working with Aimee has been phenomenal"

“When I first found Aimee, I had a soul plan reading and it blew my mind, I couldn’t believe how much it resonated with my journey and where I wanted to go in life.  I knew she was special so I signed up to work with her 121.  Working with Aimee over the last 6 months has been phenomenal, it was a space for me to really surrender into what was arising in me. 

Aimee held space so beautifully so I could really delve deep releasing blocks I had to shining my light and trauma that I’d held on too all my life. The healing I received was super powerful and it’s been fundamental in my growth both personally and in my business.

I would absolutely recommend working with Aimee, she has a magic that can’t be justified in words but you’ll feel it and I feel truly blessed to have found her." 


Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 16.43.41.png
Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 17.37.42.png

"Honestly one of the most beautiful sessions I've ever  had!"

“I’d been going back and forth on business ideas and direction for a while (really, quite a while). My soul strategy deep dive with Aimee clarified everything for me, at a soul deep level.

It wiped away the fears, the doubt and the bs and left me with complete clarity.

It was honestly one of the most beautiful sessions I’ve ever had with another human, and I’ve had a few!!”


Quantum Soulpreneur

+ 1:1 Soul Plan Reading and Healing (£333)

+ 1:1 Soul Strategy Deep Dive (£555)

+ 4 x 1:1 Coaching/healing sessions (£2222)

+ 8 bi-weekly coaching calls & training (£2222)

+ Voxer support (£1111)

+ Telegram support community (£222)


full price £3333

pay in full £3333 

6 monthly payments of £555


What time are the fortnightly calls?

12-1.30pm the first and third Tuesday every month


What if I can’t make a call?

Do not fear! All replays and coaching worksheets are uploaded onto the members area for you to access whenever works for you


Do I need to have done any energy work or be spiritual to join?

No, all I ask if that you come with an open mind and heart

How long is the programme

The programme will run for 4 months (October - end of January)

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