what we do

"Unless we clear the toxicity in our own hearts and inspire others to do the same then the pollutants of envy, greed, arrogance - and so many other illusions - we're going to continue to be an instrument to polluting the environment"


Radhanath Swami

eco-luxe beauty products 


Aimee and Pippa began making eco-luxe beauty products that actually met our standards of zero palm oil, plastic free, vegan, all natural, no toxic chemicals or synthetics, suitable for sensitive skin and essential oil based. We are also collaborating with brands that espouse these values in alternative values which will be available soon on our Conscious Consumer Collective. You can buy these products here or at shows, events and at our stockists.





Aimee teaches yoga at studios across Manchester including BLOK, Virgin Active, V1be and corporates. She also runs workshops and longer retreats to help to bring people back into their natural alignment and state of balance.



cONSCIOUS LIFE coaching 


Aimee has spent the last 18 months developing coaching material to enable you to live with greater awareness, ease and balance. A collection of tools, life-hacks and information to cut through the noise and allow you to live more aligned, conscious and connected. All launching very soon!



nutritional & holistic healing 


The Beloved Co. team includes an expert nutritional therapist, practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology and massage, and plant-based gourmet chefs. We aim to offer holistic healing catered to the unique needs and desires of our guests and clients during our workshops, long weekends and retreats.