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Hi, I’m Aimee and I’m a Conscious Life Coach, Soul Therapist and Spiritual Intuitive


My work helps you come back to a place of natural balance and harmony. From here I support your journey to consciously create a life you love. Doing what lights you up so you can shine bright for others.


Are you ready to find the abundance, freedom and joy that's waiting for you?


My Offerings

Ready to breakthrough your limits and start living your Soul's purpose & power?

Join this transformational eight week programme to create a life that truly lights you up.

Ready to breakthrough your limits and start living your Soul's purpose & power?

Join this eight week transformational programme to create a life that truly lights you up.

  • 30 hours of daily video content +

  • Weekly small group calls +

  • Access to the Academy +

  • Your personalised Soul Plan reading & healing ...  

Noticing repeating patterns, blocks of behaviours that aren't serving you?


These deep and effective healing sessions bust through what's holding you back.

We dissolve where the subconscious belief or programme that's been tripping you up.

Brining relief, wisdom and a new sense of freedom and perspective.

Conscious Life Coaching

for if  you feel stuck or frustrated in life, love or work?


Get back on track, balanced and confidence. 

Aligned with consciously creating what you want and bust through what's held you back.

I'll be your accountability buddy, cheerleader, coach, intuitive guide, healer and counsellor rolled into one.

1:1 Soul Plan 

Reading & Healing

Like getting the cheat sheet for your life!

Get confirmation and clarity on who you're here to be, including your innate gifts as well as what challenges your must face


Unveil your Souls' deeper purpose and get clarity on why you chose the experiences you've have.

Confirm what you already know deep inside.


breakthrough programme

“The breakthrough course was amazing! Each module has been perfectly designed. The weekly calls help to process what we worked on in the week. I feel happier after completing the programme. The soul plan reading helped me understand the challenges I have had in my life and how to overcome the ones still present. How I can heal them to reach my soul’s purpose. I finished the course with a clearer sense of what I want to do in the future.


I’d recommend this programme to anybody that feels they want to improve any area of their life. The modules cover everything that helps you improve yourself (which in turn improves relationships, work, family) and creates a deeper understanding of why you are here and where you are meant to be. The programme helps you create healthy habits - these things that make you happier will also enable change in other areas of life.


Thank you!”



“One of the most important conversations that I think I’ve ever had with someone who is so full of awareness, heart and insight and connection. It was just the best thing in the world…I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.”



“When I first started working with Aimee my intention had been to identify the bad habits I thought were holding me back from promotion at work. Little did I realise the breadth and depth of impact across all areas of my life that these sessions would have!

 Aimee is a fantastic life coach, with a positive and empowering nature. Our sessions have challenged, reflected and inspired my thought processes, helping me to uncover solutions, focus my mind and efforts into more constructive and effective ways and feel more confident in myself. The positive changes this has brought about are evident already.”



"It felt like everything ran so seamlessly. It was incredibly well-executed/organized, from the goodie bags, to the menu and coaching and yoga. The team you had were super special and the whole week was amazing!"



"It’s amazing the depth she was able to capture who I am and shed a light on where I am going, as well as my skills and my abilities in the world.”



"Four hours of beautiful meditation and breathwork, a ceremony to the full moon, strangers experiencing the unification of being and the relief of letting go, forgiveness and compassion, to pave a path for growth and healing, thank you so much Aimee!"



"The amount of effort you put into working with me and the value you bring has been huge" 


"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are small matters in comparison to what lies within us."


Ralph Waldo Emerson

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