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Aimée Watson


Bringing You Back to Balance

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Hey you!


I'm so glad you're here, welcome!


My name is Aimée and I’m a Soul-led Intuitive Life and Business Coach.


Are you ready to create a life and business you wildly love, aligned with your Soul? To welcome in more freedom, joy and abundance than ever before - then I’m your girl!


Two years ago, I moved my business online, packed two suitcases and moved my life to the south coast of Turkey. I manifested my dream apartment, with 180 views of the Mediterranean Sea, backed by stunning mountains and adopted a dog.


I’ve gone on to write a book, work with soulmate clients and build prosperity in my business, hitting my first £5k months!


This is all possible for you too, once you know how – this is where I come in! I can see your true potential.

Working with me will activate your soul's gifts initiate a massive stepping into purpose (it's the gift I have).


ways you can WORK WITH ME


Imagine feeling wildly confident, inspired and excited about your life. You feel more awake and aligned with who you truly are than ever before!

You feel clear about your big vision - 


*trust me it's bigger than you've thought* 


- and you now feel and believe those big dreams are actually possible for you,


in your bones! 

You feel like you’ve received a massive boost in self-confidence, understanding what is truly meant for you, giving you the permission to follow what lights you up.

After feeling stuck, you’re now back in flow - feeling more joy, enthusiasm and abundance than ever before!


Miracles are unfolding around you!

Plus, you know (and love) yourself on a whole new level.


You now even have a cheatsheet for your life with your Soul’s Plan and Human Design breakdown.

You feel free, excited and lit-up!

one month

1 x Soul Plan Reading, Healing and Activation (2hrs)


1 x Human Design Reading + Inner Authority Reading


1 x Deep Quantum Healing Session (90mins)

1 x Soul Transformation Healing Session (90mins)

Voxer Support


Are you an ambitious Soul-led coach or healer ready to quantum leap in your business, without sacrificing the time and location freedom that you love?


Then this is for you!


It's time for a massive uplevel in your life and business.

Expanding what you are able to hold, receive and generate.


In this potent magical container, we play in quantum, learning how to align, magnetise and manifest the prosperity and impact your heart is yearning for.

*Hello £5k+ months* 

*Magnetise dream clients*

*Amplify your voice*

*Regulate your nervous system*

*Play the quantum game*

Following a synthesis of: 



– align your inner vibe with the juicy goals you desire


– ensuring we heal and regulate our nervous systems


– getting clear on how you bring these ideas into reality

six months

12 x Fortnightly Group Calls (hot-seat coaching, healing, counselling & quantum manifestation work)

6 x Monthly 1:1 Healing, Channelling & Coaching

3 x Expert workshops


1 x Human Design Reading & Inner Authority Breakdown

Support Telegram Group



For the spiritual womxn ready to go deeper towards mastery, expansion and leadership.


Whether you want to write a book, speak on stages, expand your energy to receive more money… it’s all available to you.


This high-level and high-touch container is for the womxn no longer available for playing small.


Are you ready to live beyond your stories, drop the ego’s need to control and leap into the unknown? Mastering your energy to play a bigger game: the Soul’s game, the Quantum game?


Then this is for you. 

I help you by channelling your healing, connecting you up to your Soul’s vision and bringing through the support you have spirit side.


We clear root issues, giving you the solid foundation to rise up higher than you’ve been before!


It’s time for you to share your light and gifts. It’s time to live your love.


It’s time to open up to receive the divine prosperity that is there waiting for you to claim it. 


1 x Soul Plan Reading, Healing & Activation (2hrs)


3 x Bespoke 1:1 Calls a Month​​

(coaching, healing, mentoring, quantum activations

1 x Soul-biz Channelled Vision 1/2 day

1 x Human Design Reading & Inner Authority Breakdown

Voxer Support


soul activation


Aimee you are amazing…pure magic in fact…thank you for your space holding, for holding my hand to go there, to really go there and embody all that I am feeling and to truly embrace the powerful being that I am. You have had such a huge impact on my life, HUGE and I’m so lucky to have met you. Pure, pure magic in so many ways 


“One of the most important conversations that I think I’ve ever had with someone who is so full of awareness, heart and insight and connection. It was just the best thing in the world…I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.”


“When I first started working with Aimee my intention had been to identify the bad habits I thought were holding me back from promotion at work. Little did I realise the breadth and depth of impact across all areas of my life that these sessions would have!

 Aimee is a fantastic life coach, with a positive and empowering nature. Our sessions have challenged, reflected and inspired my thought processes, helping me to uncover solutions, focus my mind and efforts into more constructive and effective ways and feel more confident in myself. The positive changes this has brought about are evident already.”


“I can’t thank you enough for all our work, but especially today’s session. It was…well. I can’t really explain. It was beautiful. It felt so fucking healing to be heard and honest. I am truly grateful.


"It’s amazing the depth she was able to capture who I am and shed a light on where I am going, as well as my skills and my abilities in the world.”


"I recently had a Soul Plan reading with Aimee. I just wanted to tell you how incredibly amazing it is and how much I recommend them. They are so insightful and give so much clarity.

Aimee is amazing at explaining it all makes sense and doesn’t seem overwhelming but it in fact just helps you understand what you can do in the future to bring alignment into all aspects of your life. Whether that be in a more spiritual or in a more worldly and practical sense. She’s just incredible in creating that unity and understanding for you as an individual.

She is insanely welcoming and knowledgeable and just words everything in such a phenomenal way. So if you’re wanting to gain more clarity and insight into your Soul’s plan.


"The amount of effort you put into working with me and the value you bring has been huge" 


"Aimee, I loved this masterclass. It really helped me set my intentions for the year ahead. You always have such a healing presence, even through the internet, you made me feel so much better.” 


"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are small matters in comparison to what lies within us."


Ralph Waldo Emerson