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 Consciously Create a Life You Love 



"The amount of effort you put into working with me and the value you bring has been huge" 



"Four hours of beautiful meditation and breathwork, a ceremony to the full moon, strangers experiencing the unification of being and the relief of letting go, forgiveness and compassion, to pave a path for growth and healing, thank you so much Aimee!"



"It felt like everything ran so seamlessly. It was incredibly well-executed/organized, from the goodie bags, to the menu and coaching and yoga. The team you had were super special and the whole week was amazing!"


1:1 coaching

A 10-week programme to create a life you love

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Work with me 

Hi, I’m Aimee and I’m a conscious life coach, healer & yoga teacher.


My work helps you come back to a place of natural balance and harmony. From here I support your journey to consciously create a life you love. Doing what lights you up so you can shine bright for others.


Are you ready to find the abundance, freedom and joy that's waiting for you?

My Offerings

I work with people ready to make a change, to create new habits, rituals & routines, bust through blocks, regain their self-worth and ultimately achieve their incredible dream goals!

Our retreats, whether a day, weekend or week, create the time and space for you to reset completely. Diving deep on a particular theme to help you jump ahead. Come back with new friends and a new perspective!

Are you struggling emotionally, mentally or physically? In these sessions, I draw on breathwork, meditation, yoga, yoga nidra, yin, energy healing and therapeutic methods to bring you back to balance.

Handmade, toxic-free, plastic-free, all-natural, sustainable beauty products for your skin and hair. Helping you to live in harmony - caring for the world whilst you care for yourself.

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are small matters in comparison to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson