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Secrets to Spiritual Empowerment

1. Reclaiming your Spiritual Power

The more spiritual and energetically aware we become – as we reconnect and ground in our bodies, begin to feel our feelings and clean up our lifestyle – the more sensitive we can start to feel.

This can be a superpower – as we start to live more in tune with and guided by our intuition and inner authority. Energetic hygiene, learning to live in alignment to what feels good and making decisions with integrity is key. And yet – I’ve also noticed a sneaky pattern of disempowerment that can creep in during this stage of our journeying (that we can spiral back round to, at different times and in different ways). It’s a hook that the spiritual ego loves to utilise, and its this covert belief that in some way, we are the victim – a victim to other people’s “bad energy”, to “entities”, to “toxic people” name it.

You are not a victim

Here's the thing – we always have a choice who we give our time, attention and energy too, and whilst some people and situations are not best serving us, we are only ever the victim if we choose to see ourselves that way. When we are fully in our light, we don’t *have* to attune or lower our frequency to this drama. Often, we are only ensnared and pulled in because either that same frequency exists in some way within us (perhaps subconsciously or hidden in trauma) - or we are under-resourced (tired/ill etc. when our energy is depleted and our resilience was lower than our usual healthy state).

Even so, as a mentor once said to me “our consciousness is our greatest protection” – essentially meaning, we always have a choice about whether we give our power away. When we loose our power, it’s truly only because we believed that was possible.

I keep reminding myself that we always have the power to change our vibration and our thoughts in any given circumstance. Our thoughts are powerful, our words – even more so. Mahatma Gandhi is one of our greatest examples of this - the power of holding firm in your position - without violence or drama, with integrity, respect and resoluteness.

It is only when we’ve fall prey to lies about ourselves do we give our power away and create space and room for the negativity to come in. Often this can happen in a moment – other times it can be based in trauma responses or subconscious limiting beliefs formed during more innocent imprint states during childhood.

Still, something only has the power over us that we believe it has (placebo affect 101) – even if we have to dig a little deeper to find the root of that belief. And this is where it gets really interesting, because we then are able to wake up to this victim/tyrant polarity and where it is at play in our lives, we are gifted an opening. A chance to transcend the duality of the 3D - unhooking ourselves from it and stepping back into our true sovereign power, as we remember it is all our choice. Hello 5D - and that is wildly empowering and liberating! We get to decide what things mean for us. We get to decide what we believe in and it needn't be tied to any visible external reality. This is how we begin to consciously co-create our lives.

Spiritual empowerment means remembering that we are the creators of our lives – taking radical responsibility for it all – all that we create both consciously and unconsciously. Even, at some level the hard stuff, because from the Soul's perspective, even that we chose to help us grow and evolve.

Now – please don’t confuse this with feeling responsible for creating some of the trials, tribulations or tragedies in your life…there is a nuance here. Life is ultimately our curriculum and we often grow through challenge – so life graciously provides said challenges. It doesn't mean your human self manifest it, so much as your Soul agreed to it as a Soul contract and part of your curriculum.

What even is hard vs. easy - another paradox?

It’s one of life’s many paradoxes! I heard recently something along the lines of “what if the hard times were the easy spiritual challenges and the good times were the harder ones.”

Ha – it got me thinking and made me realise – damn, isn’t it harder sometimes to stay humble, in deep integrity, aligned and in service when everything is going well in your life, than when life has humbled you and brought you to your knees? Food for thought for sure! – Ahyhow, I digress…getting back to the topic of empowerment:

We can avoid feeling victim of the challenging things that happen to us, when we remember that life here on Earth school is providing us with a curriculum to help us grow into and embody more of our true essence and love.

It's all a choice

God exists within and through our heart’s desires. He/she has ultimately his gifted each and every one of us was that of free will, aka choice.

We are always free to choose the decisions we take in any given circumstances (even when choice seems impossible because the outcome would be so unfavourable).

Whilst our spiritual guides, higher self and Soul will always try and support and guide us towards our highest choices, through our intuition, signs and messages – the choice is still ultimately always ours to make.

You do always have choice.


Where do you give away your power to decide?

It’s so easy to give that choice away to those that we think are more advanced or wiser than us. Those teachers, guides, coaches, mentors, family or friends – whether they be in human or spiritual form - that we believe have the answers. We can even fall into the trap of asking our oracle and tarot decks, pendulums or other psychics, mediums and intuitives to give us the clarity we are seeking.

The truth is often one of three things:

1. You know the answer, but you are either scared of it or your ego doesn’t like it.

2. It’s not yet the divinely right time to have clarity.

3. There are many options and truly, the choice is yours and there is no “right” option.

Sometimes we can get stuck on making a choice. When this occurs, we are subtly giving our power away – because what we are really saying is – if I get this wrong then it’s final and I won’t be able to get myself out of it (aka i don't trust myself). Forgetting the power you have, is as a the creator to which life responds.

Choosing means deepening into self-trust - and in a culture that tries to know making our decisions out of us from day dot - through schooling etc. whist often gas-lighting our experiences - it's no wonder that reclaiming that self-trust can for some be a challenge.

Right or wrong - another duality trap?

But here's the thing...the notion of right and wrong – in itself is truly another illusion of duality and the 3D matrix anyway – the higher truth is that each and every experience just is – rich in the learning provided by the experience.

So can we let go of a little bit of our false concept of control and begin to playful explore through the decisions of our life. Knowing nothing is final. For example, often failing fast and forward is a powerful strategy used by the most successful entrepreneurs.

Can we make it more playful?

How can we get excited about the playfulness in being sovereign in making our own choices.

When we are tuned in and keep our body vessel clear, we always have access in each now moment to what feels right for us. If we’re not clear…its either a no or its not yet time.

Ultimately, we cannot make a “wrong” or “right” decision because life will continue to bring us the lessons/curriculum we need to grow and ascend.

2. Embodiment as a Manifestation Superpower

Building on this lesson of spiritual empowerment is the teaching of the enlightened Tibetan Goddess Yeshe Tsogyal: the Mother of Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism.

I have now pulled this Goddess card three times now, over three days and across two different card decks.

Yeshe Tsogyal – Lady of the Lotus Born

She comes with the teaching that through our boldness of spirit and indomitable willingness to engage challenges head on, we create a path to inevitable success.

The card invites us to confidently take steps forward, auguring healing and empowerment.

Yeshe Tsogyal is a “Yogini Guardian for Humanity and an Emanation of the Compassionate Goddess of Peace, Prosperity and long life – the White Tara.” Often revered as the second Buddha or our era. Sometimes depicted as a powerful Tigress, she represents the ability to navigate treacherous times and overcome of negative forces through the power of your spiritual light.

In my White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild, Yeshe Tsogyal is paired with the number 333 – the sign of spiritual divine support and enlightenment. It is a reminder that we don’t do anything alone. That we can always call on our guides in spirit to help anchor the light through us for the greatest good of all. This in turn helps them grow in spiritual advancement. And it brings us courage and bravery knowing that we are part of a mighty spiritual team.

In my Divine Feminine Oracle Deck, by Meggan Watterson, Yeshe Tsogyal comes with the message that the female body is vehicle and asset to our enlightenment – not a hinderance. It holds great wisdom, messages and guidance. The first being a reminder to transcend the duality of either/or – to and/both, for that we are both mortal body and eternal essence/magnificent soul.

“Yeshe is the call to remember the holiness of your flesh, the deep wisdom your body contains and the temple you walk around in every day.” Having stated that : ""The basis for realizing enlightenment is a human body. Male or female, there is no great difference. But if she develops the mind bent on enlightenment the woman’s body is better."

I leave you with the short message from the White Light Deck for this card:

“You shall overcome all obstacles. Success is imminent, so stay connected to your path no matter what and continue to apply yourself. Allow your spiritual path to support you in all areas of your life. Live by your spiritual beliefs. Seek out the support of your spiritual brothers and sisters for help when needed, but also trust that you are intimately and directly connected to the powerful divine light within. There can be a dramatic healing breakthrough when you rely on your spiritual connection.”

I hope this inspires you to remember that, in your spiritual faith, with God and the universe’s support, all things are possible!

“There is no greater intoxication than just being in your body from head to toe.” This felt so pertinent and true as I felt pure bliss during the embodied movement practice at the end of a Cacao ceremony I led myself through during the weekend. This is often when I feel the deepest bliss and most connected to spirit – in fluid movement and uplifted by music that moves me.

3. Soul Transformation Ceremony

This weekend I led myself through a Cacao Ceremony for releasing an energy than had spanned lifetimes (showing up through in the reflection of those that provided challenge in this lifetime and past lifetimes alike).

Opening a sacred space, a mandala grid of candles and crystals. Smudging the space, burning incense and palo santo. Opening the ceremony with Tibetan bells and sacred mantra and the drinking of cacao. Moving through emotional releases, automatic writing from inner parts and higher guides. Teasing out the perceptions of feelings, meanings made and limiting beliefs hidden within attachments to people and the past that I was now ready to release. Pulling cards for clarity on the roles being played, from an archetypal soul level. Pulling cards on the timeline ahead. Drawing out the polarised beliefs, embodying them and allowing the body to tell her own story, creating space, before the stillness. A grace clearing and forgiveness. A journey to higher realms, the peace to found between higher selves. The cacao having opened up the portal of the heart widely.

Coming back, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon the light, some sweetness of fresh strawberries and the integration of channelling a drawing of the new energy and theme of empowerment into a mandala.

The journey is just a part of what makes up the Soul Transformation VIP day that I am now offering as a Level 2 experience to those that have worked with me before. We go deeper and work multi-dimensionally to offer the transformation that your Soul is ready for.

I will be offering these both in-person, at my home in Turkey (until the end of 2022), and online. Book in a call here to enquire.

Below is the outline schedule that I am so excited to be leading one of my beautiful alumni clients through in person this weekend. More to come on the magic created in next week’s blog… x


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