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Spiritual Activation – The Archetypal Journey of the Magician

1. My own journey with the Magician

The number of the apartment I have lived in for the past two years is 172 A. I’m always interested in the signs and symbols embedded in the intelligence of life that surrounds us, and numerology and numbers is a key way I communicate with my guides.

I was interested to work out the numerology of where I was living. You can do this too. Simply add up the single digits of the number until they reduce down to one digit.

I like to cross reference these numbers with the major Arcana in the Tarot to find out what Soul level archetypal energies are at play.

My apartment numerology and tarot breakdown looked a little like this:

1+7+2 = 10 (Wheel of Fortune), 1+0 = 1 (The Magician).

Interestingly this maps to my personal numerology year in 2022. You can work this out by adding up the date and month of your birth with the current year. So for me this would look like:

18th April (birthday date and month) 2022 (current year)

1+8+4+2+0+2+2 = 19, 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1

Magically, my personal year numerology is aligned with where I am living.

This is what led me to really delve deep into the magic, mystery, and power of the Magician Archetype. It has been a year of shifting into and learning how to manifest from my Soul (or as I like to call it, conscious co-creation with the universe aka God). The Wheel of Fortune highlighting where I had been manifesting from my ego (unconscious co-creation with the universe aka God)and offering the corrective purification.

2. Activating Your True Soul’s Power - Invoking the Magician

Invoking the Magician Archetype is about remembering and reclaiming your power as the conscious creator of your life. The Magician teaches us the importance of aligning all four bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) in order to successfully manifest. Surrounded by the abundance, beauty and opulence of the flowers, there is also an invitation and a hidden warning – to ensure that we root our manifestations in a foundation of an abundance mentality and our sovereign truth. This can be easier said than done after years of scarcity mindset conditioning and programming – including inherited beliefs from our ancestors and surrounding culture.

The Magician, like all of the Tarot Major Arcana cards are archetypal energies of the Soul’s journey through life.

The Magician is card number 1 - a Yang card – and where we begin our investigation, creating the foundations of our soul-led life and leaving behind the entrapments of the egoic programming and the matrix. There is a sense of newness here, a fresh start and clean slate. We are moving into new waters, and this time we do so in a state of connectedness – connected to our power.

The Magician comes right after the Fool, who begins and embarks on this new journey of self-discovery. The journey has already begun and (whether we like it or not) we begin to connect into the forces around us – the four elements as well as the magical creative powers within us. We begin to wield the forces to forge our own way. We It is an active part of the journey where we call in and summon what it is that we truly desire. We are connecting with different realms and aligning the four aspects of our being, represented by the symbols of the four suits. We have the spiritual (wands), the mental (swords), the emotional (cups) and the physical (pentacles).

We are surrounded by the bounty of nature – the beauty of flowers, representing the beauty of our true essence. Above the magician’s head lies the infinity symbol – a reminder of our eternal nature as souls. We are commanding heaven and earth to respond to our call, just as much as we are responding to the inner call we have received and the internal stirrings we are feeling. We our remembering our multi-dimensional nature and human and soul. We are determined and we are ready. We are calling fourth the truth, for it is time.

3. Unlocking your Genius

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Everyone has a gift to give the world by being their true self. This path of self-actualisation - or individuation as Carl Jung refers to it - is the hero/heroine’s path.

It is the path of awakening, with a twist: right now, you and I exist as the ‘bridge generation.’ The generation that spans the shift from the previous 4000+ years Patriarchal Piscean age and into the Aquarian Age, a new epoch that will see the return of the divine feminine and natural. Shifting gears from the 3D fear-based matrix into the fifth dimension where we re-claim our sovereignty and sacred responsibility as the conscious co-creators of our lives.

Many of us came to be the pattern-breakers and healers of the 1000s of years of trauma and karma that lie within and behind us. We live on a planet of polarity – transcending the duality of light and dark is an integral part of the shift to 5D and the rising consciousness.

4. Your Soul's Path

Everything in the universe wants acknowledgement.

Our journey during this life is two-fold. As you embark upon your Soul’s path during this life, there will be both:

1. A growing remembrance of the truth of who you truly are at the level of Soul/essence and Human/personality and increased embodiment of living your light and love.

2. A continued undoing, letting go, healing, releasing and removing all that is not who you truly are – the inherited energies, trauma responses, coping mechanisms, limiting beliefs, conditioned, false identities and collective 3D matrix programmes. Whilst integrating the fragmented golden and dark shadow aspects of self, trapped within, under and behind these constructs.

You do not need to go digging for the latter. Instead, the more you can connect to the truth of who you are, all that is not that, will rise up – illuminated and ready for healing. “Everything in the universe wants acknowledgement.” This is about liberating your light. This is about activating your true power. This is about transforming/alchemising the density.

4. The Map of You

After having worked with many clients, I have found that nothing empowers them more than gifting them the cheat sheet, curriculum and map of who they are here to be in this life.

We often spend our lives being told all the things that we aren’t good at – or all the things we are taught to do well, that aren’t in alignment or reflective our true selves.

It is so rare to be seen for your truth. The Human Design and Soul Plan won't tell you something you don’t already know on some level. But it brings it to your conscious awareness, it confirms, affirms and celebrates the unique truth of you.

When we connect to our higher self without understanding our wounding, we run the risk of spiritual bypassing – attempting to move forward before all aspects of ourselves are united in our light.

The Soul Plan and the Quantum Human Design Readings show you both a map of yourself, your Soul’s curriculum and path in this life. So you can better understand the places that need tending to, the challenges that need overcoming, the wounds that need alchemising, on our path to actualisation. Whilst activating and utilising the innate gifts, talents and powers to do so.

I like to think of the Soul Plan as both a cheat sheet to life and a multi-dimensional activation portal, connecting to the energies at your disposal to reach your soul’s Destiny and achieve your greatest Soul’s evolution in this life.

The Quantum Human Design allows for a more pragmatic, detailed and nuanced explanation of how to live your Soul’s light. Your human avatar has been designed perfectly for your purpose, ensuring all the right lessons are learnt and embodied for you to actualise your highest potential.

Both readings are highly activating across many different levels – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Tying these together is your foundational numerology and astrology that helps give you the red thread of your path ahead.

If you’re interested and feeling ready to embark on this journey with me, submit your application here. Any questions, drop me an email, or book on a free call here.

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