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  • Aimee

Find your own version of spirituality

What word pops into your mind as you think of spirituality?

Woowoo? Fluffy? Fake positivity? Scary? Hippy?

Like so many notions, we each have our ascribed meanings, which, when we dig into them, often weren’t even ours in the first place. They were simply inherited, learnt or conditioned. Beliefs that we’d been taught, adopted or picked up somewhere along the way as we learnt what was required to “fit in.”

It took a while for me to shake off the feeling being spiritual meant having to tick certain spiritual boxes.

Everyone is spiritual

We’re all spiritual! We are all part spirit and part human. We are all soul’s having a human experience. You couldn’t be not-spiritual, even if you wanted to be, so – lets drop the separation bullshit!

On your terms – fuck the labels

Coming out the spiritual closet came shortly after me coming out my own sexual closet. I have similar feelings about both. Fuck the labels! Let me be free, let me be fluid, I won’t fit into a box to make you feel more comfortable (soz!) That’s just more of the patriarchal masculine – the feminine is fluid, she is many forms and faces. My sexuality and my spirituality is the same.

Spirituality for me is about re-connection and relationship.

‘Connection’ to your heart and your intuition (aka higher self). ‘Re’-connection, because the connection is always there, but often we chose to ignore or drown it out. ‘Relationship’ because – it is about re-building relationships – with all aspects of yourself first and foremast and learning that this is then mirrored back to you in your external world.


Our bodies are 99.99999999999% space. Same with all other “solid” objects. This shared space, quantum science deems as having infinite possibility and potential. Some-thing can come from the no-thing, the space. Influenced by the consciousness witnessing it.

We are all basking in this soup of space, of consciousness. There is truly no divide between things (mind blown moment when this landed for me in Buddhist Monastery…but that’s another story). Separation is an illusion and the source of all suffering.

Therefore spirituality, love, is about welcoming, is about inclusivity. Any doctrine that preaches morality but separates or discriminates makes no sense to me based the forefront of western quantum science and neuroscience to the most ancient eastern wisdom.

Deal with it.


My dad and I used to debate for hours the different roles and values of religion vs. spirituality (I know, geek alert – proud!). Spirituality is the personal experience, the inner access to the God within. For me spirituality is empowered, free, unique and individual, just like us.


In science, Ockham’s Razor dictates that all things being equal the simplest theory is the best. Simple doesn’t always mean easy.

But here’s the truth – everything is either love, which is real, or fear, which is rooted in illusion.


Spirituality is a celebration of your uniqueness. You are God knowing itself in a form that will never be replicated again in this exact formula, as you are right now in this moment. You are a tapestry of stories, memories, traits, powers, gifts all held in your DNA. You are both entirely limitless and seemingly limited. Materially you are stardust. Energetically you are multidimensional. You, as you are, are a miracle.



When we slow-down we speed-up. When we root, we rise. When we avoid the pain we feel more pain, when we face it we are gifted with pleasure. What scares us empowers us, what comforts us kills us. We can be living dead and dead alive.

Life is a paradox, a riddle and a game to be played. Learn the rules, the hacks the gifts. Know ultimately life is here to help you, just as much as you will let it!

You are not “either or”, you are “and”

We are both light and dark, divine and human. Good and bad.

We are all of the shades and forms. We are only as limited as we perceive.

Let’s move from duality (either or existence) to our full spectrum (and).

Stop limiting yourself by choosing.

As my friend told me recently “I see myself in future meditations as this boho hippy but also as this slick, glam, successful woman.” Hunni, you can be both! We can all be all the things! How great is that!

What we have “done” is not who we “are”

This cognitive error is epidemic in our global language and programming. It leads to trauma cycles of shame, guilt and feeds fear and separation.

So let’s be clear. We all have the capacity to think or do good or bad things. But this does not and should not make us into good or bad people. This is false identification.

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” We are infinite. We have played in many forms, many roles – villain, lover, torturer, victim…we are multi-facted, dimensional. We are dynamic, ever changing. To label and judge it to limit our limitless nature.

We’re better than that!

Who we are is God in form, light, love, divine, whole, human.

Forgiveness is our portal back to truth

Vertical and horizontal axis

We are moving through this world, through time and space (or it’s move through us? Headfuck perspective shift) anyways…we are so externalised into this material realm, this horizontal navigation of the external world we forget we have another axis.

We are also connected to all we our, below to the planet to which our material self belongs and above to the higher dimensional aspects that we are. This vertical axis keeps us aligned, connected to our soul, to this planet.

As above, so below. As within, so without

The holographic reality, where how we do anything is how we do everything and the minutia mirrors the most gross.

When we loose our vertical connection/axis, we loose connection to our guidance system, our GPS and the most powerful and important aspects of who we truly are. We get lost in ‘Maya’, we get lost in the game, in the matrix.


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