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What it means to breakthrough from 3D to 5D consciousness?

A huge part of the work I am here to do is to help people breakthrough all their crap (stories, programmes, patterns and programmes) so they can live their Soul’s purpose, power and joy!

To come back to balance and be the person they are here to be – to consciously creating a life they LOVE!

I ‘ummm..d’ and ‘ahhh..d’ about writing this email, because, it’s a little bit more ‘spiritual’ and ‘out there’ in its terminology than my usual content.

But here’s the thing…if I’m going to be of service, I need to keep taking those bold steps forward to being 100% raw, authentic and vulnerable - standing in my truth!

And that means sharing the full, unadulterated spiritual stuff, when I get the nudge that it will be of value for others.

As always, my truth doesn’t need to be yours, so take what resonates and leave the rest.

But for me, getting to learn and understand what is REALLY going on in the world, behind the veil, has been instrumental in my own growth, empowerment and rememberance.

And for that reason, from here on out I will be sharing all those soul lessons and truths as they come to me.

So – for all of you who are “spiritually-curious” out there, here’s my dissection and breakdown of the global ascension that we are going through and what it really means to shift from 3D to 5D consciousness.

Moving from 3D – 5D Consciousness

You may have heard that timelines are pulling apart, we are living in two parallel dimensions of reality.

We have the opportunity to live with WAY more EASE and GRACE when we make the choice to take the inward journey back to self, back to source.

So what the f**k is 3D anyway? And what is all this talk about “being in the matrix”?

3D is the reality we grew up in. It’s all the normalised, conditioned, institutionalised, governmentalized constructions of a fear-based reality. Of a conditional love structure. “Do this to fit it” “Do this to be safe” “Do this to be loved”

This reality can be categorised by the following qualities:

We are seduced by and highly attached to physical (ever heard yourself saying something like “yeah, but I couldn’t go without…” that’s attachment right there). Comfort zone is 3D cushioning!

In 3D we usurp our own power giving it to bodies outside of our own – governments and leadership that may well have lower awareness levels than yourself.

We live in an ‘either or’ mentality - we are either good or bad. They are either nice or nasty. This cognitive fusion and polarity causes a huge amount of drama and upset.

We are anchored in fear. – also known as stress, worry, doubt, upset…etc.

We believe in the illusion separation – from others, of objects - what Buddhists call Maya. We’ve forgotten that we are over 99% space, as it everything else, and it is all united by this space – this space is pure potentiality. This space is the quantum realm of something coming from nothing, abiding by the quantum rules of entanglement and effects of the observer. Also known as consciousness or divine mind!

In 3D we depend on others or other crutches to mee our needs (hello alcohol, sugar, partner, pet – you name it).

We believe in the limiting thoughts of the ego mind, we easily blame others for our own situations and the love we give and often receive is conditional. We think it terms of ‘what can I get’ and the journey of our life is focused on the acquisition in the material or label based concepts.

We are scared of death as we believe it is the end. We have forgotten we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have forgotten our true nature. We are lost in the illusion

“And what about 4D?” I hear you say!

Well, 4D is the bridge, where have a foot in each camp and we are dancing across both dimensions.

I see it as the shift from monotone back into full rainbow colour!

For example, we may be trying to anchor abundance mentality but still staying in a job, a relationship, a situation that isn’t in alignment with our values or vibration, because of some fear of lack.

We may hear intuitive guidance, but not always follow it.

We may be connected to our calling, purpose or what lights us up, but still be caught in loops of self-sabotage or avoidance of feeling our emotions.

We may be doing inner work, but still fall into blaming the other when triggered.

5D Baby…here we come!!

Whereas 5D consciousness can be understood as a reclaimation of our power and sovereignty. Understanding you are the conscious creator of your life, and on some level, everything in your life is showing up because of you, activating a radical responsibility for self, for healing and for one’s own actions.

5D is the ability to hold polarity/dualistic terms in harmony together – moving from ‘or’ to ‘and’ e.g. I am both light and dark, my good and bad.

It is the ability to be full self-resourcing, meeting your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs within, through connection to source. Including your own guidance and healing.

Additionally, it is the unravelling of the fear-based programming into a mindset and being anchoring in love.

We came here to love and be loved. When we shift into realising we are one with it all, giving and receiving become the different sides of the same coin. We focus on what we can give, knowing all is reflected back.

There is connection to the higher and disciplined way of being anchored in alignment, abundance and honesty.

The focus of life is the inward journey back to self, back to source. Whilst fully enjoying the physical/material there is less attachment to it.

We fully trust life has our back and we follow our intuitive guidance system.

We understand our multi-dimensional nature and our extra-sensory gifts begin to open up.

Where you at?

Despite working from the Soul’s perspective, guided by spirit in the work I offer, I am still in the progress of clearing out my own being all the trauma, programmes and patterns that don’t serve me. I dance between 4D-5D a lot of the time. But I have low times and fear triggers that do pull me back.

Each time we go into our own stuff/darkness/unconscious/shadow), we find aspects, memories, parts of ourself that hold so much value and magic. We are always rewarded for the inner exploration, for facing the fear and for doing the work.

This is what it means to me to be ‘woke’ or ‘awakened’ – a recognition that we got enmeshed in the 3D reality and forgot our essential truth, that we are infinitely powerful, multi-dimensional and that we are light. That our own awakening requires a remembrance

Inner Exploration

So gorgeous, I want to say, it is a process. It is a journey. We are all learning a new way of being and it’s not necessarily going to happen over night. As Meggan Watterson says “we are both holy and human!” Learning to welcome with love, all those parts of ourself that are still very much is fear, in reactivity, in shadow IS THE JOURNEY!

Journal prompts:

But here’s a few questions for your to journal on, that will really help invite you into toward and into 5D*

  1. If you value and dignify yourself, why would you subscribe or settle for anything other that what you REALLY want? There IS something better in store for you, be patient and trust.

  2. In what ways are you consuming 3D/lower vibe stuff E.g. eating low vibe processed foods or watching hours of low vibe shows on Netflix…take an inventory of what ISN’T in alignment and cut it out to help uplevel, because we become the frequencies we align with.

  3. In what ways are you still in manipulation energy of “what can I get” – this often shows up as trying to get stuff for free! Switch it up – pay and honour anyone you receive from.

  4. What in your life are you unwilling to give up in the material?

  5. What triggers you? This is your shadow that is waiting for you to meet it with love

  6. What do you judge in others? This is often trauma you haven’t resolved from within – ways we are still shaming, guilting and blaming ourself. Judgement also cuts us of – creates separation from others.

  7. What avoidance activities are you still addicted to? When you feel your emotions, energy in motion, you will automatically inegrate higher dimensional energy

  8. How do you feel about this statement: “everyone is an aspect of you?”

  9. How much do you create vs. consume?

  10. How much do you chase/go out looking for what is already created (material things) as opposed to embodying the vibration and letting them come to you?

  11. How comfortable are you in the non-physical – sitting in beingness, in the stillness, in the silence.

  12. What is your attitude towards things taking time and going slowly? – Often we are in resistance to time because we want the material benefits now. But things unfolding in divine timing allows us to hone our craft. When we realise this we can relax into the flow.

  13. Most importantly, take a look at how you are showing up in your relationships and roles and ask yourself: “is that the way I want to be and does it feel in alignment with my light and who I want to be?”

“If your external world is falling apart it is because your internal world is beckoning” Phil Good


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