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The Path of the Healer...isn't the easy road

Do you identify as a Starseed, Lightworker, Old Soul, Healer, Empath, HSP, Intuitive?

Then this blog post is for you.

Why are you here? What's your Soul's purpose?

Here’s the thing – uncovering your purpose is really about discovering who you are. Peeling back the layers to understand the blueprint, design, curriculum and path that your Soul has laid out for you in this lifetime.

Living your Soul’s purpose is living aligned with the truth of who you are. It’s about loving the truth of who you are and about alchemising all the rest of it (the pain, trauma, shadows, wounding, attachments) etc.

If you identify as a Starseed, Lightworker, Old Soul, Healer, Empath, HSP, Intuitive, Wayshower --- then chances are life has taken you on a circuitous journey, perhaps off the beaten track, deviating away from the path of progression we get taught to follow.

Yours, I bet, has been a much more challenging path in this life to gift you the depth of experiential learning so that you can better heal, support, relate to, love, and empathise with others.

I know mine has (and I’ll be sharing those experiences, stories, lessons and more in my upcoming book soon!)

“The wound is the place that the light enters you.”


The most intense challenges you have faced, are facing and will face, are not because you’ve done anything wrong in this life – rather, that you are an evolved soul, a bright light able to face the darkest experiences and transmute them.

The universe only ever gives us what we can handle.

So if you are able to handle more…hold onto your hats, because you might be embarking on a rollercoaster rich in both challenging and euphoric experiences.

Now…before you fall into victim mode (“why does life seem to be so much harder for me” pity party), I want to remind you of two important truths:

FACT 1: Every challenge is an opportunity for growth

So with every hurdle you overcome, you are expanding, evolving and growing.

This enables you to meet people where they are at as they traverse the pain and challenges in their life.

Think back to times of struggle and pain in your life – I bet you it was the people who had been through similar experiences that you felt most comforted by, right?! This is because they understood – not just theoretically – but because they had lived it. They had walked the path before you.

The challenge then comes, in our ability to alchemise and transmute the pain and trauma of our experiences enough to move forward with our lives and be of service to others…and for all those high vibe souls and earth angels out there - this can be easier said than done.

Why is life on earth so hard for some?

Because the 3D earth school experience is a vibrational shit show - it’s a mixed bag of a lot of heavy and dense frequencies lodged in the collective unconsious(trauma/fear/greed etc.) – repressed, ignored and unfelt in a global society taught to numb, distract and disassociate.

The mass consciousness of the collective is vibrating at a level, that in and of itself, may feel painful to you on a soul level.

But there also exists the beautiful higher frequencies of love, grace, bliss. And as multi-dimensional beings we can reach these higher states. Through activities like meditation, healing, time in nature, yogas etc.

Perhaps you’ve had lifetimes upon lifetimes in other realms, or other more evolved planets and earth – feels like a vibrational ghetto for you. This, for many Starseeds is the core wounding.

Simply being here and trying to harmonise their soul’s vibrational frequency with the vibrational frequency of being a human is A LOT.

Not to mention, all the other challenges/traumas that our childhood and life throws at us.

I see you and I hear you.

(Want to find out your Soul’s age, type, frequency and more – I well recommend a Michael Chart reading by Shepherd Hoodwin).

FACT 2: It was your choice!

However, despite all this mayhem – on a Soul level, you made a choice, to answer the call, to come to earth, again and again, to see the light. To be the cosmic channel to higher realms and to anchor those divine frequencies and codes into the earth *simply by being here* to help the planet ascend.

You KNEW it wasn’t going to be easy.

You KNEW it felt way more spacious, aligned and love filled in higher realms and in other places…

But, you were up for the challenge, the mission and you felt called to be of service.

If you’re reading this, it’s not by accident, and I want to commend you on one simple, but far from easy achievement right now:

Thank you for being here.

Amidst it all.

You bring the light in your very beingness. And this, at its core is the heart of your healing.

Everything else becomes an expression of that – all the pursuits, the professions, the passions, the projects.

But ultimately it is YOU. You are the gift. You are the treasure.

And Earth is so grateful you are here.

Uncover the Truth of Your Soul

Want to learn more about the truth of you, at a Soul and Human level and heal some of those core woundings that have been holding you back from loving yourself and knowing your truth?

Then you’d love my Soul Activation Month Intensive, where you’ll receive a deep dive into your Soul’s Plan, Quantum Human Design, Inner Authority and receive Energetic, Experiential and Soul Transformation Healing.

This is deep Soul Alchemical work.

My gift is that I can see your truth, your pain and help you step into the divine purpose, power and freedom of your Soul.

Check out other ways to work with me here.


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